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  1. Oh damn, congrats dude! I managed to shape up, get through college, and became a cog in the system back in Washington haha. I log in occasionally to see how my bills are doing, but that's about it. I think I have the highest unpaid bill in the game, but no one will confirm it for me
  2. Shadow Slayer here, what's up man? It's been a long time! My aside, I went through Middle School -> Employed playing this game. Joined during the end of GWI
  3. I'm personally holding out for $2,000,000,000
  4. Not until I know I'm #1. I want that crown
  5. Out of curiosity, is my nation the worst in the game in this regard?
  6. [quote name='Emperor Whimsical' timestamp='1343182496' post='3014664'] CTRL-F: Emperor Whimsical Not found. Also fun fact, Shadow have never changed his avatar. [/quote] Well, if you were in RIA you'd be there
  7. [quote name='Sardonic' timestamp='1341369867' post='3003016'] Yeah I should have assumed as much. Still doesn't quite make sense to me to commit NPL to that particular front, but whatever. [/quote] Not much makes sense to you, does it?
  8. [quote name='Sovyet Gelibolu' timestamp='1341343939' post='3002682'] Much like a little less than half of INT, actually. Wanna hang out sometime? [/quote] We'd love to. Stop by our forums sometime!
  9. [quote name='Sir Sci' timestamp='1341292959' post='3002329'] <3 Hi Slayer, good to see you again. See, this is the problem when I come out of inactivity. I get on the OWF and run into all these people I love, I get nostalgic, and I begin to wish I spent more time on CN. [/quote] Haha, same here. I don't come on the boards often either. Seems like we all come crawling out for the wars though.
  10. [quote name='Sir Sci' timestamp='1341291383' post='3002293'] Ha, I'm afraid I do not quite live up to quite that standard, but I'll take the compliment. Thank you Gibs. [/quote] I miss you <3
  11. [quote name='Systemfailure' timestamp='1341288472' post='3002155'] NPL; Punching above their weight [/quote] More than enough for Int. Go get them NPL. o/
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