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  1. This would be totally EPIC and I support such awesomeness! oh that is a "stinger" there, well done :psyduck: Also congrats on trying to make this about the NPO, that has never been done before ever :smug: But yeah we are peace mode mongers obviously, the damage dealt and received by the New Pacific Order is just a delusion. But hey delusions can be entertaining so keep at it :awesome:
  2. Two of my "Ride or Die" allies getting together, it makes me happy and for sure haters are goin to hate. o/ NSO o/ TLR
  3. yeah Gotcha, Gotcha and oh yeah Gotcha. Please work on your attempts at spin and coherence it will benefit all of us no matter which coalition we belong. Gotcha...errr I mean Got it ;) As far as the "Curbstomp" you are waiting for what exactly? What have your puppet masters promised you?
  4. Fair enough, but that would require effort. Honestly don't really have the energy considering I continually try to follow the circles of crap put forward from your coalition. Besides TOP or TOP lapdogs (MI6) is there really a difference at this point?
  5. Well thankfully no one really cares what you like personally. But now we are back where you say we are "holding up peace". Exactly how? I guess we go back to the scenario where those like yourself believe we have been offered terms but we have rejected them? But wait...there are those in our coalition and alliance who will testify we have not been offered terms and the circle of garbage continues. Thank you for participating :psyduck:
  6. Well as a failed Pacifican and failed Baratheon thankfully you have found a home at TOP and really dont have the ability to fall further. But please continue to preach on what you consider classic and living in the past ;) *EDIT - spelling fail
  7. Just how high were you when you posted this? Oh wait maybe you and yours are actually starting to believe the rumors and propaganda you are pushing (said rumors being possible terms that may be offered and talked about in the future). NNN (NPO/NG/NSO) has not been offered official terms because the oA Coalition refuses to even have talks about what the demands will be until all our allies have reached peace with their respective fronts. Anyone saying otherwise is simply lying or has not idea what they are talking about, plain and simple. Probably one of the most honest statements ever uttered in these realms. Agreed Some pretty rose colored glasses you are wearing there. How soon UMB forgets they received "White Peace" from the NPO and its allies previously under the push of that ultimate boogyman "Brehon" an action which pissed off allies and (now) enemies alike. If UMB pushes for reps or other punitive actions, the hypocrisy will be Epic. This is almost laughable...who has received the most damage? Who has pushed out the most damage? The stats speak for themselves and cannot possibly be accurate if you statement had any validity. :/ Or you guys can make this the curbstomp you thought you had but missed. If our beating was soooo bad you could force us to accept terms (w/e you guys get around to them). However this wont happen 1. Because the oA coalition cant come to a consensus on what should be offered. 2. While you may be the victors of this war, it is not a strong enough for you to try and do what you want with impunity. Ummm it wasnt....which makes Caliphs statements so absurd. But no one is surprised that members of the oA coalition cant even get their story straight. It is entertaining to see Caliph/UMB say we are refusing terms and peace and then Crymson/TOP say where are the demands? Get a room and get your stories and propaganda harmonized please ;)
  8. Sunday December 29th 2013 12 noon (CN Server Time) Lord Valleo aka DJ Valleo will be broadcasting on Bootleg Radio on the Bootleg Media Network. Cybernations Chatter will be a radio program dedicated to discussions and interviews pertaining the gaming and politices of Cybernations. Please post any comments, questions, suggestions, shout outs or anything else you would like me to address On-Air. No promises I will hit every single request but I will do my best :wink:
  9. I don't care who you are or what side you are on...this had to make you at least smile. :P Ummmm so you think this will all be over in less than a month....you are the minority in your alliance and coalition in general, but hey I dont hate you for it ;) ROFL I actually miss your posts! RAWR o/
  10. Prob the most honest and truest thing you have stated. It's a "story" and nothing more, not factual and surely not entertaining... but carry on, to each their own.
  11. So as I pull on the hip boots to wade through the garbage and general denial of reality in this realm a few clarifications: 1. Imperial level Gov members have been in contact with leadership from Sparta and the New Polar Order. 2. It has been made very clear that there will be no "Coalition" Peace granted. 3. Furthermore, it has been said repeatedly the NPO will not receive the opportunity to even discuss peace until our allies have achieved peace terms FIRST. 4. The New Pacific Order would love to see our allies achieve peace as it had been made very clear that no matter what the original DoW stated...Pacifica needs to burn more to make some people happy, while this is no surprise to us we find it unacceptable that our allies burn while the other side can't get their story straight and and agree what the end goal is here. Well of course the "NPO needs to burn more here" card is in play...they can't even decide what burn the all desire. 5. While not every alliance on Planet Bob can be as gifted as us and have allies that are truly "Ride or Die", the NPO is proud to say we do. We support them getting peace where they can and they are adamant they are not going to peace until we get peace. Funny thing is it really shouldn't be this hard since the war was not about the New Pacific Order according to the DoW...oh wait I am talking about realistic logic and realism doesnt belong in this realm... My bad...everyone please feel free to continue on with your delustions
  12. ROFL, I am thinking you missed his intent ;) Anyways, Good Luck :P
  13. Wow Grub, you actually pulled the "I am not Gov" card, so flying the Polar colors and being Imperator Emeritus doesn't count at all and Polar should be held harmless while you talk crap make insults and threats on their behalf. Now before you say you are not talking for Polaris lets check a couple of statements here: Definitely not talking about just yourself here ;) So you hate pretenses of superiority, well then stop looking in the mirror. The New Pacific Order has had superiority in the past and there are facts and numbers to substantiate it. However the New Polar Order most specifically under your leadership has had....well pretenses. So quit hating on yourself and maybe one day you wont be so negative and hateful. **Edit - typo and name fix
  14. So wait...Polar admits it doesnt care who it pisses off...oh never mind they never do and boast how they are better for it. Nothing new here. However the statement about answering to your allies make everything even more hilarious...your track record is particularly awesome at exhibiting how well you answer to allies :gag: Nice taunt with the jackboots and light comment...almost...I would prefer dog excrement on the sole of my boots over anything Polar...do yourself a favor and keep it on ice just like this treaty :smug:
  15. Congrats Ai o/ As far as the trium I just figured Timberland was big enough to take two spots XD Hell if I can be in Gov and function I am sure Terminator will be an absolute success and there will be a lot of crow to be eatin from this thread....Bon Appetite!
  16. Well whether you agree with the politics or not...what a great run for a bloc...definitely a titan in CN history. Good luck moving forward to all involved. o/
  17. I can't lie, this made me smile... I am in total agreement with the Hump....love me some R&R., you are better for this move. *Edit - Spelling made is better than mad ;)
  18. Heh, interesting. Once again it is proved the only constant in life is change. No one can deny that DH has been a huge influence on Planet Bob and a very worthy adversary at every meeting. Good luck to all involved.
  19. Really not sure what is more funny at this point...GOONS doing what GOONS has always done and people being surprised by it...or people being appalled about their actions and telling GOONS what they should be doing...which of course you guessed it...will accomplish absolutely nothing.
  20. I don't mean this as an attack, but the fact you are confused about the cancellation could be indicative of a communication problem which has lead both sides to drift and have a divergence in FA policies and ideals. *shrugs Whatever the actual reasons are, good luck to both parties. o/ NATO
  21. Actually Yev brings up a good point and I would be surprised if he was alone in his statements. Be careful what you ask for ;)
  22. Sure yeah....how could I have ever thought otherwise \o/
  23. awww Gibs still defending the indefensible...soo cute but meh. Comprehension fail. Never said an individual has no right to comment. Boredom has it repercussions.
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