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An age that has passed, an age that has yet to come.

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[size="5"]Announcement from the TOOL Lord Captain Commander[/size]

On January 23rd, 2007, The Order Of Light was formed by Grahamkeatley. This alliance was meant to stand up for what it thought was right in the world. And following that guideline, we have very little if anything that we regret doing. We held a simple set of views, however in the Planet Bob of today, those views don't seem simple anymore.

[center][i]Honor your treaties.
Treat others how you'd like to be treated if the world turned on you.
Show compassion for others that have messed up.[/i][/center]

We always aspired to be one of the top alliances but not if it meant sacrificing those beliefs. You might think that it was a pipe dream and maybe it was, it worked for us though, and kept us going for as long as we did. We will forever be a family. And I hope as our nations journey throughout the world they'll share our beliefs with others.

As anyone who is paying attention knows, the world is shrinking, and yet more alliances are being formed daily. TOOL could very well keep going for a while, at some point though we've got to look at the writing on the wall and realize we could do more in a different venue. We will still live and breathe TOOL, but it will be through our emotions and how we think about the world. Our physical presence will cease.

To our current and former allies, we owe you all so much. While some of you were with us til the end, many of you we only held brief but significant relationships with. An alliance is only as good as its friends and I'm honored that we were able to call each and everyone of you great friends at one point or another.

Many people view PIATs as pointless. Without them though we likely would not have worked with some alliances as closely as we did, and in the process learn what stand up people they are. To STA, LoSS, WAPA, CCC, Shin-RA, and OBR -It was a pleasure getting to know you, and I thank you for your friendship.

To IRON, FEAR, and TPF- you have stood by our side the longest and you are the best friends and allies that a person can have. You each at one time or another have helped us immensely and wherever we all end up you'll always be in our hearts.

To GOONS(the former), TGE, Argent, Ragnarok, NEW, The Brigade, OMFG, DefCon, and FnKa - at one point we were tight and it's a shame that it ended. To the four of you still around. I wish you guys the best of luck in the future, I'm looking forward to watching you keep on succeeding. You are some of the very best that this world has to offer.

To the alliances on the white team. Simply put, white has been very kind to us. We enjoyed all of you and TOOL was made a better alliance by interactions with many of you. I'm glad that so many of us here will continue to reside on this sphere and hopefully make it even better and closer than it currently is.

When thinking about where to go, we've got to think about the community that most matches our own. I have no doubt that this is TPF. Our longest ally will now be our new home. They've always been the first to offer assistance and a steadfast partner on resolving and helping with any concern that we have. We'd die for them and vice versa. I'm proud to say that TPF and TOOL are now brothers forever.

On this 30th day of May, 2011. The Order Of Light hereby merges with The Phoenix Federation.

Our allies in TPF, IRON, and FEAR, are protecting the AA until the membership finds a new home.

Forever for the light!

Lord Captain Commander, The Dakotans
Amyrlin, BamaBuc
White Lion, Afcash
M'hael, Lureene
Callandor, Atora
Master of Ships, Dealmaster13

Council of Light[/center]

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What a journey this has been. Nearly four years ago I came to Planet Bob and joined a fast-growing new alliance called The Order Of Light. Perhaps under other circumstances I would have quickly lost interest and departed this world, as I have done in many others, but the community I found here in TOOL caught my attention. For the better part of these past four years it has been my home on Bob, and though so many faces have changed, the essence of TOOL has not.

The friendships I have made in TOOL will endure beyond its end, and hopefully they will endure long beyond the day that Bob is no more. To each of the many great people I have had the honor to get to know in TOOL: thank you. The list is far too long to post here, but you know who you are. You have made Planet Bob worth it to me.

I would be remiss if I did not give credit to the amazing friends who have stood by our side over the years. Again, I could not possibly list you all by name, but you know who you are. I think I speak on behalf of the entire Order when I say thank you for your friendship.

And now our journey is at an end, and yet it will continue. We have chosen TPF to carry on our legacy. I have been a member of TPF once before, and as for me, if TOOL must be laid to rest, there is only one alliance I want to join. The people of TPF have been amazing friends to me and to the Order for a long time, and tonight we are one.

I will never forget TOOL. I'll always remember the experiences we had and the friendships we made. Tonight begins a new chapter in our journey, but our family lives on.

Forever for the Light!


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A journey began for me March 2008 when I joined TOOL and I will never forget the times I had with TOOL. The lessons taught there are ones I will carry forever because it is not an easily forgotten. The bonds given and created at TOOL are unlike some I have known. TOOL will always be remembered even as we all part our ways and go our own paths. The wheel keeps turning but the ages have passed and a new one will begin. The friendships shared, laughter, memories. I won't regret any of them. TOOL taught me what friendship means, what the going when the tough means, the principles, the bonds, they will be carried by every member and ex member. TOOL ends today in existence but not in memories and members.

A family not forgotten.

One last time but never forgotten..

Forever for the light.

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This is obviously a time for mixed emotions within TPF. TOOL has arguably been our
staunchest ally for nearly 5 years. Our communities may have differed slightly, our leadership may not have always seen eye to eye on every topic, but in the end we always shared the same core values.

Personally it saddens me greatly to see one of the alliances I have been closest to come to this decision, yet at the same time I am very happy to extend the offer to the members of TOOL and welcome them into the ranks of TPF. It has been an honor and a great privilege of mine to work with the TOOL over my years, and through this merge I only hope that TPF can live up to your memory.

To the allies of TOOL we not only extend our thanks in your support in protecting your allies, but also pledge out protection over the TOOL alliance until their membership finds new homes.

To the members of TOOL that have chosen to call TPF their new home, we welcome you with the greatest humility. It is an honor for us to welcome you into our family and together we hope to be able to have your legacy burn bright within our ranks.

For the final time


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A sad day indeed for my Brethren. I welcome you guys to our home.

Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.

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TOOL was my home for better then 2 years.. I was able to learn alot from them, and forge some great friendships there. This is a sad announcement, I will miss seeing you all as an alliance together. Even though I've found a home away from you all, you've always been my friends, and I've always thought well of you guys. Best wishes to each and every one of you and I hope you all enjoy your new home in TPF.

Best wishes and one last

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