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  1. TOOL - July 2007 (joined CN) to May 2009 (left to fight for TPF in Karma) TPF - May 2009 to August 2009 (war ended, went back home) TOOL - August 2009 to October 2010 (inactive, deleted) TOOL - December 2010 (rerolled, wouldn't dream of going anywhere but home) to May 2011 (disbanded, merged into TPF*) TPF - May 2011 to September 2011 (inactive, deleted) IRON - July 2012 (rerolled**) to now. *Suppose I ought to explain why since it was largely mine and grahamkeatley's doing. I saw TPF as our most loyal ally and a place where our members would be more than numbers. I was also rather pissed at IRON and not keen on letting them have our NS, though that enmity is very, very long gone (obviously). Admittedly I was biased by my personal affinity with TPF as a close friend and former member. I still love these guys but the community wasn't the best fit with TOOL and most of the few active TOOLies ended up leaving. **Chose IRON for a number of reasons. Most of my (active) TOOL friends are here. Also a longtime ally of mine with a number of friends from those days. The community is also the closest to TOOL (in its better days) that I could see. Not sure if the community is somewhat similar because of our ex-TOOLie influence, or if we have all the ex-TOOLies because of the community similarities. A virtuous cycle perhaps. I tend to adapt to the culture of the alliance I'm in. TPF Bama is a lot more belligerent than TOOL Bama or IRON Bama. Though, my level of belligerence also very much depends on whether I'm in government or not. -Bama
  2. [quote name='lebubu' timestamp='1352928665' post='3052398'] I'm still surprised at how easy it was to stop giving a !@#$ and just log in for a few laughs and to buy tech. But yeah, good luck. [/quote] Isn't it though? Best of luck HoT. Getting away from this place til you deal with RL is for the best, and when you do get RL dealt with, you may find that you don't want to come back (at least not actively). In my experience at least, I tend to get active as an escape from RL, and promptly disappear again when RL improves. Anyway, good luck out there and God bless. -Bama
  3. [quote name='Ardus' timestamp='1353012054' post='3052950'] And which proverbial ship might be sinking? What many call a "tough" but "necessary" and "right" decision merits, at best, only one of those monikers. This was a decision resulting from a conscious choice from a number of options, a choice subsequently acted upon in a direct manner that resulted in the simple and speedy elimination of this tie. Tough implies reservation, and I see none. Necessary implies it was involuntary, it was very much voluntary. Of the many descriptors offered, only "right" fits, and only insofar as your decision is consistent with your desires and not, as Schatt so often complains of in regard to treaties, based on a delusion that all competing policies might be reconciled. Good luck to you, gentlemen. [/quote] Yours. I'm glad to know you have such insights into the IRON decision-making process. You're full of crap if you think canceling our oldest, and for a long time closest, tie was anything but tough. Even at the membership level, where there are less personal ties, this was a very tough pill to swallow. Well, not for me personally. I was overjoyed to let TOP walk this idiotic road by themselves. But then, I've only been in IRON a few months and have my own preconceived notions of TOP and of you. For most of the others this was not easy. From talking to people in Council, who generally have more friends in TOP than the average IRON member does, I gather that it was only harder for them. Such a strict definition of "necessary" is rather silly. Of course it was a voluntary decision, but the divergence of our path and our values from those of TOP made it a necessary one if those were not to be compromised. Semantics aside, it was most definitely the right decision, and one that could not have come soon enough for my liking. Have fun, TOP! -Bama
  4. Oh hey this is us. Sad to see these go. Glad to see the TOOLie takeover of Council continue though! o7 -Bama
  5. [quote name='Systemfailure' timestamp='1349939323' post='3039891'] so dumb...so boring...can someone please roll them both right after this is finished? cause that would actually be funny [/quote] No one has the [b]stones[/b][b].[/b] Have fun guys. Impressive OPSEC. -Bama
  6. I personally miss when more people had an ideology of some sort and am glad to see a resurgence of that in Pacifica. -Bama
  7. Is it just me or are avatars now extending into the post area at times? Generally not a huge fan of the new aesthetics or the fact that we all have to reupload avatars, but good other than that. -Bama
  8. Azure Mantle? Wow, old school. Congrats guys. -Bama
  9. [quote name='Ardus' timestamp='1348892967' post='3035546'] War is not the game. War is merely the public completion of a game that has already been played. War doesn't interest me. In some respects, war outright bores me. [/quote] I agree. The war system is only marginally entertaining and quickly becomes boring if you are losing. Everyone begs for war, and after a week or two of it, everyone begs for peace. What is truly interesting here is the process that leads to war and determines the victors. That process is almost always done before the war actually begins. In response to your second post... As much as it annoys me, people treat OWF and WA interchangeably. There is nothing particularly OOC about this thread, and it's kind of silly to act like there is. -Bama
  10. [quote name='Vorenus' timestamp='1348608581' post='3034054'] I will be greatly disappointed if the target is not a TOP ally. [/quote] The target is us. -Bama
  11. So if I'm reading this right, everyone's excited because we've just learned that someone somewhere actually still uses Vista? -Bama
  12. Seriously Polar, you guys are giving him exactly what he wants. Let this thread die. -Bama
  13. Thank you for getting this caught up, Gopher. Awesome job as always. -Bama
  14. Nobody cares anymore dude. And no, the fact that I am posting here does not indicate that I care. -Bama
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