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  1. American Pie in the Sig, I approve.

  2. Glad you're okay. I experienced a very minor earthquake in California last year. Nothing was broken or anything, the earth just shook for a minute or so, so I can't really give a ton of advice on earthquake survival. When it started my grandparents told everyone to get out of the house ASAP (in case it collapsed). Beyond that I'm not sure. -Bama
  3. EDIT: Twas just an overzealous, unauthorized recruiter. Nothing to see here. -Bama
  4. It won't stop here. SI just broke a story on a larger number of current and former players involved in the gear-for-tats debacle, and Terrelle Pryor apparently received a free car. At the VERY least this will be a major lack-of-institutional-control case. We shall see how much was known by OSU leadership. Common sense tells us that this must be happening at other major programs. I am just hoping that mine (Alabama) is not one of them. -Bama
  5. A lot of things you said are true. You're right that most interaction in CN is quasi-OOC. Very few of us actually pretend that we're presidents/emperors/ayatollahs/whatever and interact based on that. When CNers interact we tend to chat about things like our favorite bands, whether or not that new movie sucked, the ramifications of Bin Laden's death, why drafting Randy Moss in fantasy football seemed like a good idea at the time, etc. That's the case here, on alliance forums, on IRC, etc. You're also right about the prevalence of OOC memes (u mad, smug, the Dos Equis commercials, etc). Honestly, I don't think the OOC-ness is a terrible thing. Strict RP appeals to a very small group of people, comparatively speaking. See, for example, how few people post regularly in the CNRP forums as compared to the looser RP of the OWF and the OOC atmosphere of the Water Cooler. As for alliances being the same, it depends what you mean. True, most have one of a very small set of structures, and most have similar FA strategy. Communities are vastly different, however. -Bama
  6. This past Saturday some friends and I volunteered with the supply chain. We went to the Christian Service Mission loading dock in downtown Birmingham, which was basically a scene of controlled chaos. A small group of supervisors were directing a flood of volunteers who were either dropping off goods, sorting goods, or loading them into their vehicles to carry to the affected areas. We loaded a U-Haul and then packed my friend's SUV with bottled water and joined a convoy for Pleasant Grove. Traffic was backed up because the National Guard had a checkpoint set up to keep looters out. Once we got into the city we started seeing damage, downed trees, and scattered debris, but not total destruction. Then we got to the distribution center, and beyond that there was not an intact house or tree in sight. It was unreal. After we dropped off the water, my friend cut his foot on a piece of debris, so we went home instead of staying to help in PG or going back for more supplies. More than anything I'm just amazed at the sheer amount of people helping out in any way they can. I'm so proud of how the people of this state (and beyond) have responded to this crisis. Glad you're okay as well. I'll definitely be careful, and I've learned not to step on pieces of plywood (they have nails in them). Glad you got in okay, and that's great news about the rebuilding. Yeah, it's amazing how people have come together. Sometimes in this state we act like football rivalries are everything, and I'm glad we've all been able to forget about that and help each other out. -Bama
  7. And this is why you don't sanction someone just because you're asked. -Bama
  8. Glad to hear you're okay! It was a miracle that the campus was spared... If one of the older, less well-built dorms like Tutwiler or Rose Towers had been hit, a lot more people would have died. Hope your brother's doing all right recovering from losing his house... My friend knows two people who lost everything and are just trying to find clothes to wear and a place to stay. I'm hearing it's next to impossible to get into Tuscaloosa, they're having looting problems so they've basically locked it down. Since your brother is a resident you'll probably get in okay though. I'll probably be in Pratt City or Pleasant Grove tomorrow, not sure yet. I wanted to go to Tuscaloosa but it's looking like I wouldn't be able to get in even if I went. -Bama
  9. Thanks Mia, I appreciate it. An update... Death count is up to 228. Obama and Governor Bentley toured the damage today. I'll be volunteering to help out tonight and/or tomorrow (they have an email system for volunteers and I don't know how long it'll be til they find somewhere for me to go). Not sure where they'll need me or what I'll be doing. One of the main things I've heard from Alabamians both in my town and on here is, how do we describe this to anyone who hasn't been through something like this? How do you tell someone what it's like to see a city destroyed live in high definition, knowing that there's a serious chance yours is next? Not knowing whether everyone you know is okay, or what is coming next. We were lucky, but had the wind blown a different way it could have been us. What's surreal about this all is how localized it is. My town is fine and the skies are blue, and 15 minutes away are places that look like they've been carpet-bombed. The lights here are on and the few fallen trees have been cleared away. The easy thing for us to do would be to go on with our lives like nothing happened, but we haven't. Donation centers have been set up at stores and are being swamped. People are lining up to volunteer any way they can. Churches and community organizations are mobilizing to help out this weekend and beyond. It could have easily been us and I think that knowledge is in all of our minds. We're all in this together. -Bama
  10. Last night a series of tornados, including a probable F5, wreaked havoc across north and central Alabama, my home. Fortunately my town was spared everything but some downed trees, but others were not so lucky. Densely inhabited areas of Cullman, Tuscaloosa, and Birmingham were devastated, and at least 190 Alabamians are dead, with others missing and many more left homeless or injured. I have never seen anything like this as long as I've lived here. Restaurants in Tuscaloosa that I've visited recently are completely gone, along with student apartments and businesses. Thankfully the University of Alabama campus was spared, saving many lives (Bryant-Denny Stadium was missed by 250 yards). After Tuscaloosa, the storm passed through western Birmingham, devastating lower-income areas like Pleasant Grove, Concord, and Pratt City. Many homes in these areas are older and less well-constructed than in Tuscaloosa, and that can be seen in how complete the devastation was. Separate tornados struck Cullman and Huntsville, causing more destruction but thankfully not to the same extent. President Obama will be visiting Friday to assess the damage. Ten must-see videos, compiled by al.com: http://blog.al.com/montgomery/2011/04/must_see_top_ten_alabama_torna.html The second one is what I was watching live. The third is arguably one of the most stunning amateur tornado videos of all time. They were within a few hundred yards of it as it crossed McFarland Boulevard at University Mall. Al.com also compiled a photo essay here: http://photos.al.com/alcom_photo_essay/2011/04/alabama_tornadoes_from_april_2.html The Milo's in the fourth picture is a place I've been before... It's on the road to the University of Alabama and that area is entirely devastated now. Al.com has additional coverage, photos, and video as well. Search and rescue efforts are ongoing, so please continue to keep our state in your thoughts and prayers. If you want to contribute by donating $10 to the Red Cross relief effort, text REDCROSS to 90999. -Bama
  11. Alcohol is cheap. How often do you hear of anyone robbing a house to get money for Natty Light? Compulsive spending exists, but crime stemming from it is hardly a social epidemic. Don't get me wrong, people are responsible for their own actions no matter what. But drug addiction does get people to turn to crime who, if not for their physical addiction, would never have turned to it. Doesn't mean it's not their fault, just that it wouldn't have happened if not for meth, heroin, etc. -Bama
  12. Fancy cars and expensive clothes are not addictive in any way and thus are not the cause of the crime. The guy who says "I'm going to steal something so I can get that new car" is someone who would have ended up involved in crime even if he hadn't just seen that car. Drugs like meth and heroin force people to turn to crime who would not otherwise have turned to it (obviously the same cannot be said for pot). That is where the societal problem lies. -Bama
  13. I think you misunderstand the causes of the types of crimes Schatt is referring to, Alfred. Pot is one thing, but hard drugs result in strong addictions, and users become desperate to get it at any cost. Since these users are often poor, many of them turn to crime to get money for drugs. Even if hard drugs were legalized, low-income users would still be addicts and would still be desperate to get their hands on money to buy the stuff. Pot is less harmful than tobacco, and probably ought to be decriminalized at least. Hard drugs though are a major societal problem. Drug freedom? No, addiction is the opposite of freedom. -Bama
  14. I lost count around 40, relatively early in TPF's participation in Karma. I nuked 20 separate nations in that war alone, most of them at least 5 times each. A few not-so-threatening nations didn't get many when I was also dealing with someone who was an actual threat, but I made sure everybody got at least one. I'd guess my total was over 100, but this was over a longer time period than yours (late April to early August), with several stints in peace mode to reload (for some reason nobody in the 10k range wanted to stagger me ). Granted I didn't have a WRC. -Bama
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