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  1. Hmmm yes, a winner-operated youtube channel will swiftly resuscitate this failing spreadsheet. I can't possibly see this failing.
  2. The game is losing players because of ill thought out posts like this about how the game is dying.
  3. Every time someone misspells his name.
  4. i cannot imagine a world in which cybernations coding works incorrectly
  5. New Frontier


    "if we just never fight a war everything will be great and the game will last forever"
  6. Face it, Schatt, you're a DH sleeper and everyone knows it.
  7. New Frontier

    The "real" Coffee

    I'm a press man, myself.
  8. I laughed. I don't get the joke.
  9. Deinos is a strict moralist alliance that views CN essentially how we would view RL. We refuse to abide by those who do evil acts such as bullying or extortion, and see ourselves as the lone "good guys" of CN.
  10. I hope not. I happen to think both terms are extremely misleading and dumb. "I just use them because I am also misleading and dumb."
  11. While I don't necessarily disagree with the content of your post (I skimmed it after the first couple paragraphs), and actually happen to disagree with mrwuss, the idea that you think being a Marauder in NSO and a raving moron are somehow mutually exclusive is genuinely hilarious.
  12. Actually, you were gone for about three weeks.
  13. Deinos > Polar So anyway, we are now accepted submissions for a CN Forums Sanctioned Pip. We have no specific requests for it, but keep in mind our colour is blue, and our theme is dinosaurs in general, but Dinosaur Comics in particular. Size limit is 150x48. Keep in mind that the background of the OWF isn't white, so any background space on the pip should be transparent, not white. Submissions would be appreciated particularly within the next five days or so, so that we have time to select one before the ten day limit is up. We are also of course having Deinos Citizens, friends and alli
  14. would i be able to merge my alliance into yours
  15. I sign all of my RL things as Tyrant King of Deinos, so that people know to treat me with the appropriate level of dignity and respect.
  16. D-do you have a protector??
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