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  1. Anhur

    Buying Tech 6 or 9M/100T

    Open slots available!!
  2. Anhur

    An Umbrella Announcement

    Thanks for your reply LoD, I probably shouldn't have brought it up on the OWF. I guess I should just leave things to the higher-ups.
  3. Anhur

    An Umbrella Announcement

    You could also follow suit with them and finally end this.
  4. Anhur

    You Are Cordially Invited...

    Apparently Oculus is running out of people to attack. Eventually, they'll have to fight each other to stay entertained.
  5. Lost another old timer... Currently need Sugar, Cattle, Spices and Water.
  6. Anhur

    Blue 3BR+Uranium

    If your having trouble completing these circles, I could use one more person to complete mine.
  7. looking for Wheat and Fish
  8. Anhur

    Buying Tech 6 or 9M/100T

    All Slots Open!!!
  9. o/ Peace
  10. Anhur

    The COBRA bites back

    I was thinking the same thing!
  11. Anhur

    Another announcement

    Maroonity War? Marunity War?? o/ TTK
  12. Anhur

    Imperial Decree from the New Parasol Order

    You dang kids... GET OFF MY LAWN!!!
  13. Anhur

    A Maroon Announcement

    Good luck moving forward to our friends in TTK and RIA.