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  1. Cookie, you sound a little bitter these days. I thought MK was supposed to be a fun alliance.
  2. William Blake

    Post-War ---- eh?

    He already left MHA.
  3. In what way? The areas where they are uneven greatly outweigh the few areas where they are somewhat even.
  4. Who was the guy that used to do the retard's history of CN or whatever that was? This is better than that. Keep up the good work.
  5. To be fair, you just mean this current "boo Xiph" campaign. People have had plenty of reasons to want to roll him for as long as the 4 years I've been playing.
  6. !@#$@#$ pathetic. Great that ass holes out there can always find ways of making a !@#$%* game even worse.
  7. booooooooooring. When does Chron come in?
  8. Honestly, expected the reps to be higher. These don't seem that bad, aside from the secondary alliances on the CnG side (i.e. Sparta, Dark Fist, etc.) getting reps. Get rid of those and it's fine.
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