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  1. Cookie, you sound a little bitter these days. I thought MK was supposed to be a fun alliance.
  2. Expect more of this once our evil hegemony is returned to power! edit: do replies not show who you quoted anymore?
  3. [quote name='AirMe' timestamp='1358860042' post='3083630'] No one will. They are afraid of you. How does it feel to be the most feared alliance in the world? [/quote] I don't know, all these posts from GATO sure make them seem pretty scary too.
  4. ok, Umbrella, you guys can take these rogues.
  5. Good luck, guys. Nice to see some of you are still around.
  6. [quote name='Schattenmann' timestamp='1358269230' post='3076969'] Here he goes again. You heard it here, folks, BFF's mess is [i]our [/i]fault. [/quote] You also cause gun violence.
  7. Uh, well, congrats and good luck to FEAR and INT (don't let any of the crazy ones in, and please, nowhere near gov).
  8. whew, dizzying amounts of spin going on. Those VE, GOONS, and BFF guys should be getting paid overtime.
  9. Couldn't be happier with the time I spent alongside you guys. Good luck to Dajobo and Polar and congrats to Random on a solid reign during tempestuous times.
  10. [quote name='Stewie' timestamp='1355923705' post='3065793'] This war's gonna be good. I can feel it in my balls. [/quote] Can we get an update on where caustic's balls stand on this war?
  11. TOOL for 22 months Polaris for 26 months Non Grata for 12 months IRON for going on 4 months
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