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The German Army marches to the Front !

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[i][b]O[/b]ver the last few weeks, myself, my Imperial Palace and all of the Germany, have been kept greatly informed about the happenings of another Great War that has fallen upon us. We have witnessed all of Planet Bob fight it out over the battlefield, in the air, and at sea. Over the last few days we have received several telegrams from various foreign dignitaries, allies, and long time friends of the empire, urging the Imperial German Government to provide aid and support in this war.

[b]T[/b]he German Empire is well known for their loyalty among their allies, and after much consideration and consultation with my Ministers, and Imperial Cabinet members, the decision has been made to aid our comrades at The International on the Eastern Front. This afternoon, the Imperial German Army has began to mobilize, soldiers from all over Germany have come to answer the call, for God, the Kaiser, and the Fatherland.[/i]

[i][b]T[/b]oday, February 5th, 2011, The German Empire herby declares a State of War with Union of Integrated National Entities ![/i]

(Live footage of the Imperial German Armed Forces deploying to the Battle Field)

Gott Mit Uns !


Prince Albert
HM Der Kaiser

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[color="#0000FF"]So, TGE is only ready to take on mighty UINE after over two weeks of it getting battered by an array of other alliances. And there wasn't even that much of it to start with. What I'm saying, there's nothing to attack. Why even bother? Of course, why even ask when I know the answer. TGE is still a terrible alliance.[/color]

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[quote name='Bob Ilyani' timestamp='1296886204' post='2620086']
Shoulda declared on NoR for fun. Plus it would be fun to see you destroyed.
I was half expecting them to.

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Im on no side, but id just like to say that if you go into war in 2010 with WWI type stuff.... not gonna work... how planet bob has evolved :nuke::nuke:

Edit: Terrible Terrible Blitz... and didnt you guys like make that stuff... like... really comeon... you coulda done that a little better...

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It takes a brave alliance to charge into a battle where there is near certainty of defeat.

TGE is not that sort of alliance.

By the way....if I may pose a question regarding TGE's policies in the current war....

Why have TGE nations continued to do tech deals with members of alliances fighting GOONS, MK and FAN?

A quick glance at the images below make it clear that in a few instances TGE aided NPO nations after their wars had started.

In essence, while GOONS, MK and FAN were fighting, TGE was smuggling contraband on behalf of their enemies. Many alliances would consider such a treacherous act to be grounds for war.






Why is TGE attempting to undermine Doomhouse & Co.'s war effort? Is it that The German Empire has no control over its members, or are you deliberately trying to hurt FAN, GOONS and MK? And when can we look forward to TGE's apology thread on this matter?

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[quote name='Ashoka the Great' timestamp='1296887061' post='2620128']
And when can we look forward to TGE's apology thread on this matter?
Please, not another one. :facepalm:

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FC runs TGE he's obviously trying to cause more confusion by allowing them to do whatever they want and allowing them to declare war. FC is probably the most epic (I say that very loosely) Viceroy I have ever seen. :smug:

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