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  1. Hopefully those greedy Hollywood stars, and musicians will send their millions to the state. I'm tired of the greediness of Hollywood and athletes. They need to do more. I propose an entertainment tax be placed upon their revenue, for the good of the state.
  2. I've made hundreds of terrible posts in my life, but I have no hope of achieving the type of failure that HeroofTime has. Thanks for helping widen the gap.
  3. As we see the documented unemployment numbers get better, how many of those jobs being added are taken by those that could be considered underemployed, I wonder.
  4. We prefer to bleed in training so we bleed less on the field.
  5. It's time for some other teams to step up already. RCR and Harvick's team had a good season and came close, hopefully next year they can make a good run again. But yeah, I have slowed down on watching NASCAR because of Hendrick's domination. I don't know what happened to Junior though. He's a Hendricks racer I wouldn't mind winning alot.
  6. You nkow, that post about the oil spill and nukes was what I was going to say! Holy crap!

  7. Espana! Argentina will go far if Maradona get's it together.
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