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  1. Okay, I have another slot open, so we can work out a deal, Eclipse.
  2. I have a LONG TERM slot open for anyone who wants to buy tech. I first send 50 tech for 3 million, and from then on I send 100 tech for 3 million. If you prefer, you can send me the 3 million first, and I will then send you the 50 tech, or if not then just post here or send me a message in game and we can get this started. First come first serve.
  3. I need to get my literacy rate up to 90% for the scholars bonus but right now it's only 20%. How do I increase this?
  4. At what point should a nation begin buying wonders? Should the manhattan project be the first wonder that you buy?
  5. This is quite unfortunate. I will certainly miss the great people in TGE, especially those of you who stuck it out until the bitter end instead of deserting with the others. It takes guts to stay on board a sinking ship.
  6. [quote name='Mogar' timestamp='1297651325' post='2632003'] how do you feel surrendering was honorable, as a serious question. [/quote] I never surrendered, and neither did my alliance. I took 6 nukes in defense of my TGE brothers and never once did I or any of us even think about surrendering.
  7. [quote name='hizzy' timestamp='1297649270' post='2631885'] way ahead of 'ya [/quote] You are a very cowardly and disrespectful person hizzy. I'm sure many of us will remember that down the line. There is no point in arguing with the rest of you anymore, it is clear that disrespect and arrogance will carry the day rather than honor and keeping your low blows to yourself.
  8. As far as I'm concerned it's a white peace. This is no surrender because nobody is paying reparations.
  9. The amount of disrespect in this thread by people who have nothing to do with this war is just sickening. All the people in TGE right now are ten times more honorable than those of you who are taking low blow potshots at TGE. And of course, I am astounded at Heinrich, the deserter who abandoned us when faced with the prospect of war from the cowardly hizzy! Absolutely shocking!
  10. Now hear this! This war is only about UINE, TGE, and the associated allies. If hizzy wants to use the cowardly tactic of dropping a whole bunch of infrastructure but keeping his nukes and wonders, then that's his prerogative. I personally can't respect anybody like that. Thankfully this war has ended in a white peace. So as someone else said earlier let's just let the past be the past and move on. The opinion of all the rest of you who have no involvement in this war and are just looking to gain political points by taunting TGE, is immaterial at this point. All of that is irrelevant now
  11. So you are not going to be in this circle? I'm sure you could arrange it so iron and spices are a part of it.
  12. I sent you a message in game, count me in for marble and oil. I plan on joining the blue team soon, also if you could mix up the resources and include URANIUM in this circle then I think that would make everyone here happy.
  13. [quote name='Comrade Mao' timestamp='1297041793' post='2622952'] Ah yes, Nordreich hating on TGE for being "phony" Germans, as if being a fascist sympathizer is an essential part of the essence of being German. Fun times. In any case, good luck the battlefield TGE, and thank you for your contribution. [/quote] We appreciate this, it is good to see there are still those who look out for their friends instead of showing tremendous disrespect for their own personal gain.
  14. This is a LONG TERM trade circle set up on the BLUE team. We need BLUE team nations to get the MAXIMUM bonus from this circle. The following resources are needed: Uranium- Lumber- Iron- Marble- Yuri Armstrong Aluminum- Oil- Yuri Armstrong Rubber- Lead- Gold- Coal- Gems- Silver- Bonus resources: Construction, steel, microchips, asphalt, automobiles, jewelry, radiation cleanup, scholars There are some big benefits here, especially with uranium for your nuclear weapons: Income: +$9.50 Happiness: +18 (MUST BE ON BLUE TEAM FOR FULL EFFECT) Infra cost: -32.5% Tech cost: -12.
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