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  1. [quote name='Bodvar Jarl' timestamp='1330019654' post='2926796'] Which changes what? Either, you think reps are a valid option or you do not. Though to claim Polar did not have this war, and it's resolution coming their way is to stick your head in the sand. Posting things such as 75% of the number they currently might possess is insane is to use the simpleton's argument of a big number to illustrate the severity of the terms. If Polar had 1000 tech, yet 200 nations, would asking for 750 tech be draconic? Post all you like about your thoughts about the effect the demand of reparation h
  2. [quote name='Bodvar Jarl' timestamp='1329990908' post='2926452'] Are you still merely replying to someone who brought up the 45% of some alliance's tech that CSN demanded? [/quote] feel free to read my [url=http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=109189&view=findpost&p=2926341]other reply[/url]
  3. [quote name='Baldr' timestamp='1329971312' post='2926229'] NpO won the BLEU war and made NADC tear down wonders. They shouldn't be complaining. I'm not a big fan of reps, but pretending that these are incredibly harsh terms makes no sense at all. TOP had to pay much higher reps, with far fewer nations, after bi-polar. [/quote] I'm honestly not sure why people ever use someone's past mistakes to justify their current actions. Putting a small $%&@-up next to a bigger $%&@-up doesn't just cover up the smaller $%&@ up. You're literally admitting that taking reps is wrong, but y
  4. [quote name='Megamind' timestamp='1329967717' post='2926145'] Heh. I was a little worried that he (or the other polar nation I'm trading with) would cancel on me when the war started, but I never imagined he'd cancel once it was over. [/quote] to be fair, very few people ever have issues with the war itself... ya, getting ganged up on sucks, but you get over it pretty quickly and it can be fun even if you're on the losing end. it's having to pay reps that usually leaves a bad taste in one's mouth (obviously for the loser, many times the observers, and sometimes even people on the winning
  5. [quote name='Bodvar Jarl' timestamp='1329927736' post='2925584'] Measuring the amount of reparations against the amount of tech an alliance currently possess is sort of silly though. The severity of any sort of reparations ultimately comes down to the taxation on aid slots. But I suppose that various vermin such as you have to oversimplify things in order to craft an argument about the brutal draconic tyranny of the past that Paradoxia is bringing back. [/quote] I was replying to one of your allies who brought up the tech ratio argument with CSN, so you may kindly take your insinuations
  6. [quote name='Timberland' timestamp='1329850277' post='2925190'] You have a lot of room to talk when your alliance tried to extort 40k tech out of alliance that only had 90k to begin with, if you don't know who i'm talking about ask around in CSN or GOD. [/quote] 140/180 > 40/90 the funniest part is that apparently nobody else is going to learn from CSN's mistakes.
  7. [quote name='Simon De Montfort' timestamp='1329544957' post='2923196'] Simon De Montfort keeping hate alive since 2010. [/quote] This kind of title works best when it's bestowed by someone else, otherwise people begin to suspect you're but a common !@#$%.
  8. Hey if there's one thing CN history has taught us is that the best way to bury the hatchet is by demanding 70% of another alliance's tech. What's the 2nd half of that history lesson, anyways? Something about the victors living a long and prosperous life? Right.
  9. [quote name='pd73bassman' timestamp='1326076102' post='2896081'] He may take you up on that offer [/quote] take him up? I was already doing it! GOONS: unilaterally saving CSN since January '12
  10. [quote name='Vanilla Napalm' timestamp='1325837331' post='2893961'] Sometimes you just don't know how to feel. [/quote] to be fair, when you guys were getting gang-banged by half the planet and their mothers last winter/spring, it got tough to find slots. then CSN went ahead and made you guys look like shining knights and I got distracted. sorry?
  11. [quote name='Omniscient1' timestamp='1325826754' post='2893765']0 Also wtf is up with the Hizzy thing? Is he not still on the EoG list? [/quote] Ya, don't worry though they're next.
  12. [quote name='Krashnaia' timestamp='1323776151' post='2876447'] Yep, you got back some financial status when you began to receive aid packages a month or two ago. Your foreign aid screen still shows it. Too bad I didn't make some screenshots back then when more money offers where on the board. Still, there are enough to prove my point. Anyway, the terms of the debate are, basically: - You claim to be a hero for having been raping newbies with your 4-years-old nation for more than half a year. - I claim that we just use you for newbie testing. Neither conclussion leaves you in any good li
  13. [quote name='Sardonic' timestamp='1324059128' post='2879984'] I'm going to have to stop you there, Hizzy is only slightly more tolerable than Hiro, and unlike Hiro, he's still an unpaid EoG. [/quote] Do you want a written invitation? Bring it edit: 5 days shy of 1-year anniversary <3
  14. [quote name='Farnsworth' timestamp='1323867808' post='2877714'] Mesteut for spokesperson of CsN! iVote! [/quote] I figured it out. He's stealing a page out of Liz's playbook and running for office.
  15. [quote name='Mesteut' timestamp='1323818647' post='2876992'] Well, if Liz tries to surrender and then tries to disgracefully haggle down the price (*cough* DT *cough*), I can assure you I'll formally secede and keep fighting until either you get through your head that CSN and I have had a point, or my nation becomes so beat down that it is utterly useless for both sides to continue*. Does my attitude sound fair to you now? If it does, then I have all I have from this debate for making my stand. It is obvious that moral relativity kicks in for both sides, so all I want is to make sure my per
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