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A CCC Annoucement


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The New Polar Order officially asked the Christian Coalition of Countries to activate the Frozen Holy Water Pact. They requested we strike FOK. We will comply because of the great abundance of love we have for one of our oldest allies, but we do not do so with any malice for FOK. In recent times we had been growing closer together, and we certainly hope this continues in spite of the present conflict.

This declaration of war represents no disrespect for FOK. Indeed, our respect for them remains very high. We consider it a great honour to be asked to take on such a formidable opponent, both because of what it says about how we have grown in capabilities and because we know our opponent is worthy of the utmost respect and admiration.

We hope that this conflict is swiftly settled and we can resume our warming relations with FOK. We call upon all CCC members to show only the greatest respect and honour to FOK.

To FOK we say that we look forward to an honourable and good fight. May blessings be upon us all.

We the undersigned,

Ichabod - Chancellor
Keystroke - Vice Chancellor
Ogden Chichester - Minister of Foreign Affairs
Kaptain Aoto - Minister of Internal Affairs
KingChris - Minister of Defense

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