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  1. Woop woop top-50! Casualty Rank: Ranked #50 of 12,334 Nations (0.41%) Top-25 here I come!
  2. Just raid. It made me go from #54 to #52
  3. I'm #54 now, almost top-50! So I need 25 nations with more casualties to delete, I'll overtake the other 4 with some raiding
  4. Only 64 more people to overtake and I'm on this list.
  5. iFOK > UPN Well we've always known that, but now the numbers also show it.
  6. Yay, we need more useless alliance updates! [img]http://i.fok.nl/s/we.gif[/img]
  7. Awh, I was too late. iFOK 173-172 NSO. Close.
  8. Go get them R&R! Let them know that the Stickmen are the only good thing on purple! That is if they don't kill eachother:
  9. I'm not going to send reps to 'the other side' during a war..
  10. Ah, is that why you were pissed the Stickmen didn't declare on you?
  11. Those are the really really new nations. Like <10 days and under. And after they had several attacks on them they might realize that it's a good idea to actually read a recruitment message and act on it. I agree that it's an uneven fight in the sense that I am ready for war and they are not. But it's BS that raiders always pick easy targets. As a raider you'll probably be high on NS because of all the land you have, so you're relatively low on infra. With every single raid I did in the last year I attacked nations with more infra than me. Simply because there were only 5-25 nations in my
  12. That's exactly what I mean. The people in none are just an inactive bunch of nono's. They were to lazy to get themselves protected and even when somebody actively offers them help they are either to lazy/inactive to read it or to respond to it. People like that deserve to get raided. The only force a raider should use are ground attacks. The foresight of a full blown war is reason enough to want peace for most nations. I don't know what you mean by stalking. I'd think that if you're being annoying people are more likely to attack you back, so why bother? And no, war isn't always fun for th
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