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  1. With everyone decent already unmerged from BFF,what remains is an alliance I can any describe as "terrible".
  2. I was hoping for something else, and you know,it GPA. But I guess I'll use this topic to nominate Caladin,Kurdanak and Jerdge then..:-)
  3. I didn't think we were serious. I still think this is an elaborate hoax by my gov. If not: hi UPN.
  4. Awesome, I made it into the goodbye logs.
  5. First misleading topic title I actually found somewhat amusing. Congrats.
  6. I've never seen so much NEW in 1 topic. Nice to see you all again guys!
  7. Like I sad earlier in #FEAR: it's funny how everyone in FEAR loved you when we were at constant verbal war with eachother. And now we're cool, and then FEAR starts hating you. Weird how things can go. You were/are an interesting character at least, and it's always sad to see those go.
  8. Aren't you a bit too inactive to be leading an alliance Turetel?
  9. So the merger never really worked out, but the solution is to merge some more? Only this time without preparation?
  10. So BFF is throwing Chax under the bus to avoid a war with NG and NSO..? Ok..
  11. I support Chax is this, but Deebo is still the worst person I know.
  12. It's NEW. Did you really expect them to do stuff differently? It's what you got to love about them if you want to be allied to them.
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