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  1. My name is Zeta Defender, and I am a member of "Tech Whores R Us"
  2. Who are you? Why should I care?

  3. Your reply would make me think twice if it wasn't for the low usage of spies to get into our forum over the last 10 months. But hey, Vox disbanded so I'm willing to let it slide. I will say your journalistic efforts have done down hill since Vox disbanded but I will just blame that your muses left you for the time being. Also in regard to Gen_Lee and Karma, our current top nations are the not same batch that started. For now, you want to impose demands, give us terms before you keep threating us more like we are so worried.
  4. No reason, randomly clicked

  5. And then I saw him, looking at my profile and asked myself...

    "Why this is person looking at my profile?"


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