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  1. This is actually standard practice, though it usually belongs in the wiki. Check out the first peace logs from [url=http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Great_War_I_negotiations]Great War I[/url]
  2. Once again, Pacifica outlives those that sought to destroy her.
  3. [quote name='Rebel Virginia' timestamp='1307389580' post='2725541'] [color="#0000FF"]I see that the Shroomies have taken to sporting these ribbons, [i]ironically[/i] I am most certain. Haha. They believe they are so funny, so witty and edgy. Yet I see them for the clowns that they are. That is correct, your own Poll Master laughs at you, and mocks you each and everyday with a new poll.[/color] [/quote] Actually, these ribbons are copyrighted and anyone using them without the permission of the copyright holder is in violation of US Copyright law and international treaties. Consistent with C
  4. Historical: Mary the Fantabulous vs. the One True CN
  5. Intelligent People vs. the Open World Forum
  6. [quote name='Biff Webster' timestamp='1304891572' post='2708712'] Looks like the SDI's on both sides are working really well. [/quote] All of this has happened before, and all of it will happen again. [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUh4kwtKdTU]Y5.T2.1a - My SDI[/url]
  7. [quote name='SirWilliam' timestamp='1304819802' post='2708306'] Doomhouse and company's warboners are hereby satisfied. [/quote] Probably not. 10 million of 16 million NS destroyed wasn't enough. You think another 2 million will satisfy you?
  8. [quote name='Ragashingo' timestamp='1304433819' post='2705178'] What impresses me is that y'all keep track of all those stats and then take the time to write up something like this. Congrats on the war ending (or getting the peace agreement at least...) I look forward to see what y'all do next. [/quote] Actually, this is just the redacted report. You should see the stats we have on day-to-day operations and proprietary information. [quote name='Mastermind' timestamp='1304447453' post='2705321'] You know, this type of thread won't make peace come any faster for you guys. [/quote] Exc
  9. [img]http://img267.imageshack.us/img267/433/imperialclerklogo.png[/img] [b]2nd Triannual Report of the Seventh Year of Order[/b] Delivered on this 1st day of May in the two thousand eleventh year of our LORD, seven years and eight months after the Day of Order. ----- My Emperor, Imperial Officers, Department Chiefs, and Fellow Members of the Body Republic: This trimester has been a turbulent one for the Cyberverse, but as Pacificans, we continue to carry on with the plans and decrees as set forth by our Emperor. Despite the call that everything must die, Pacificans continue to live,
  10. [quote name='Londo Mollari' timestamp='1303518002' post='2697203'] You don't think 2 to 1 odds against us as the aggressors was bad enough? It needed to be 6 to 1? And then at the end of that, a victory for an alliance like AcTi? No, I think that the way the situation was handled was in the best interests of both AcTi and Thriller. As for all the moralists that wanted to get in on the action, I would politely invite them to go start their own - and on fair terms. [/quote] In other news, to help make the fight more fair, TOP is attacking Legion. Also, GOONS gets reps for starting a war
  11. Came in at page 200 to see who was still slugging it out. Roquentin, I'm really surprised. You really are a hands-on leader. Most people of your position delegate this kind of work out.
  12. [quote name='Azaghul' timestamp='1301974167' post='2684447'] You didn't "deserve" this war in that sense but you set yourselves up on a side to be involved in one.[/quote] Well, at least were making progress and we have a headline for next edition: "Doomhouse gadfly admits NPO didn't deserve current war"
  13. [quote name='Feanor Noldorin' timestamp='1301869473' post='2683616'] I expected the handing over of power to be done in a much more formal manner befitting the tradition and stature of your Order. [/quote] The coronation ceremony was actually beautiful and very moving. I should konw for I've witnessed and/or helped coordinate 7 years worth of coronations. After Franco's death during the fall of Pixiedance, his body was smuggled out of The North Pacific and laid to rest within the city that now bears his name. The Sash of the Delegate, the symbol of authority, stained with the founders bl
  14. [quote name='Hiro Nakara' timestamp='1301860052' post='2683538'] So whoever wrote that didn't think that a female would ever run NPO. [/quote] You'll notice it was written without gender pronouns (no "he" or "she"). Personally, I don't believe we should have genders attached to professional titles. For instance, I know a few females in the acting profession. They prefer to be called "actors" instead of "actresses." [ooc]You'll also notice that the SAG awards (Screen Actor's Guild) use "best female actor," not "best actress."[/ooc] The Order is a meritocracy. Gender does not matter
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