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  1. Good grief. Question: Do you ever get paranoid about your own paranoia? Is this an example of one of those self-reinforcing feedback loops?
  2. Put the thesaurus back on the shelf, buddy. Take care, JA.
  3. Howdy. The CCC meets all of the above criteria. Our dumpster fires burn dimly, but the we've enjoyed a renaissance of activity since last year's war. I guess quarantine and lockdowns are good for Nation Sim business! Feel free to visit our discord.
  4. All the best on your rat problem. Here's to good, local beer. Congrats
  5. My favorite part of this thread is the CLAWS members (and gov) bamboozled by their current reality.
  6. Boom. Roasted. Congrats, guys! All the best to our friends in KoRT and CRAP
  7. Congrats, GATO! Here's to another 15 years of life on Bob!
  8. What if you know the earth is actually a cube?
  9. Welcome to CN! May Shadow Valley find much success in its new home.
  10. Congrats, guys! As LWW said, always good to see your friends become friends with each other
  11. "Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death."
  12. Agreed! All the best for CLAWS and Wayward Sons.
  13. o7 CCC Good to have our old community active and alive again
  14. I'm glad NSO approves of KoH! You guys aren't half bad either
  15. I've known Isaac for quite some time now. He's an old friend and I believe in second chances. While I appreciate all of your concerns about KoH and recognize their validity, I have chosen to give Isaac another chance. And so far he has proven a good member and Duke of IA. While I do believe in second chances, my members also know that I won't tolerate any crap. That being said, I see no need to take any action against anyone currently in KoH
  16. [quote name='MitchellBade' timestamp='1356490389' post='3067975'] Shellhound is still around? [/quote] He left CN for a little bit, but he's back! [quote name='ADude' timestamp='1356489809' post='3067972'] Wait.. You didn't want to put Isaac in FA? [/quote] I cannot thank you enough for pointing this out. I [i]genuinely[/i] appreciate your concern and input.
  17. [center][img]http://i761.photobucket.com/albums/xx251/The_Britishdude/KoHflag1-1-1.jpg?t=1349479099[/img][/center] No, no. We're not the Kingdom you thought we were. But we from the Kingdom of Hyrule are more than happy to wish you a Merry Christmas and to announce the existence of the Kingdom of Hyrule (2.0)! We decided to give this another stab after seeing the persistence of some of our members following the NpO merger in July. Watching them fight off rogues on their own and develop their nations against all odds inspired me and the rest of us. We unofficially reformed in October (on 1
  18. [quote name='Edward Reed' timestamp='1314470785' post='2789414'] good luck with your "god", I'm sure he'll love your arrogent and close-minded attitude. [/quote] I'm being arrogant and close-minded by blowing up the pixels of an imaginary nation? Please.
  19. [quote name='sojourner' timestamp='1314452871' post='2789284'] yeah, its called you being an arrogant fake ....goes rogue on his way out well now you will see what friends really are cause they on knocking on your door sorry I was the first to wish you good luck, but then glad I'm not your friend hint: next time you go rogue have a bigger WC than 30 mil [/quote] You obviously take the game far too seriously, and I for one am also glad that you were never my friend. As for the 30m WC, I'm leaving the game, I'll just blast all of your peeps pixels away with my nukes with or without money
  20. [quote name='Aeros' timestamp='1314411700' post='2789058'] How does CN interfere in your relationship with God? Do you find it hard to forgive your enemies? [/quote] CN itself doesn't; its the whole time-sucking vacuum part
  21. This is my third nation and I've been playing CN for right over 3 years now; 3 years and a month almost to the day. I started like any other noob upon getting my piles of recruitment letters I decided to join the Mostly Harmless Alliance because they were the first ones to message me, but after looking back at all of my letters I saw that I had received one from this Christian alliance called the Christian Coalition of Countries, I thought that it sounded cool and I decided to join them instead. So, in noobish fashion, I left the MHA in my 1 day seniority and joined the CCC where I went to and
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