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  1. Brings me great joy to finally see Dulra getting smashed. Back in the day when my nation was still big I almost declared on Dulra. I had made a big plan to stagger him and to take him out. It was just really annoying seeing one top nation avoiding all the wars. Props to Umbrella for finally taking him out. Thank you for that!
  2. You are accusing us of spying in a screenshot. Making it sound to NEW and Kaskus that we are out to get SPATR. While in reality you are trying to rally something against DBDC. Bones has told me this myself. Also you made two topics were you call for action against DBDC. You sure you are not out to get us? No worries, we won't bite. We are content with you doing your thing, in the end you will self destruct anyway.
  3. Oh wow you are either totally out of your mind or you are trying to turn NEW, Kaskus SPATR against us. We have literally no reason to fight SPATR, NEW. They are fellow raiding alliances.
  4. It's a shame that you hijacked Kaskus for your own personal agenda against DBDC. Makes me sad because Kaskus, but also NEW and SPATR are cool alliances which I have massive amounts of respect for.
  5. Really unfortunate to see. Good luck moving forward.
  6. GATO did pretty good. Biggest Legion warmode guy is 60k right now. Biggest Rnr guy is 63k. Legion got crushed.
  7. Can you add tech totals and NS totals for UMB also? It's really ridiculous how little tech we (MK) lost.
  8. The New Pacific Order must be in control of everything!
  9. At the supertier a high skill level is required because everyone is super active. I learned a lot from Oyababy regarding war strategies. He pushed my warring abilities to another level :)
  10. You are still counting Doombird, Darkfall and Goons West losses twice.
  11. Yeah i thought you stayed in warmode after your wars expired.
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