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  1. Amazing that NADC is one of the largest losers and is still here...
  2. Why start an alliance? Civitas Solis is a new alliance that is always looking for ambitious individuals who are willing to put in the work to help build us into a great alliance. We value a family-like community, and reward hard work and commitment. If you want a role in helping to form an alliance, joining one like ours will allow you to contribute and help shape the alliance. It'd save you a lot of hard-work and time and still you'd be able to have a hand in building an alliance. Something you can really take pride in. If you're interested at all, let me know. Or, you can visit us at: http://cn-solis.org/index.php
  3. Well this is unfortunate... I was really enjoying how fruitful Liz's reign was.
  4. Well I surely don't want to be a hater so... o/ TTE
  5. Yeezus is probably the best album I've ever bought.
  6. Farewell guys. You were an awesome group while it lasted. o/ Stelios o/ Adude o/ Oceania Love you guys.
  7. So... You should join us. Yes you. No... You, you reading this... You should join us.
  8. So, I'm just coming back to TE. Need a moderately sized, war-mongering alliance that I can take part in. Offers should be sent here: http://tournament.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=1000194 Thanks!
  9. Keep fighting the good fight Zulu. Don't let the haters get you down. If you need anything, Solis is a friend to the Zulus.
  10. And here I thought we got along in my (albeit short) time in Argent...
  11. Actually it made way more sense after the Mj-SF affair but you were too proud for that. Made even more sense after the era of SuperGreivences came to a crashing end. Probably made even more sense immediately following Equillibrium so you could at least go out on a high note. Ending it now looks more like RnR was the only worthwhile member and they forced the rest of your hands because, and lets face it, a bloc of GOD-RIA-CSN-NPL is a pretty terrible assembly. From an outsiders perspective it looks like Mj dealt the death blow and you all just stumbled along in hopes to see those alliances responsible get handled by other powers so you could save a shred of face. When they didn't and the only alliance in the bloc with an ounce of political capital decided it had more worthwhile ventures you all pulled the plug...
  12. Regardless of my opposition to the bloc for years, its still sad to see it go. o/ SF! - You gave it a hell of a run.
  13. We are the best alliance in CN at pickling our own vegetables
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