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You’re (Not) Invited to The Cookout

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We’ve fought against one another. We’ve fought with one another. We look around the table and think about everything that has brought us to this moment. With excitement, this family gathers for The Cookout. CCC is running the grill, NATO is bringing the sides, NG is serving the drinks, and FTW is setting up the entertainment.


The rules for The Cookout are simple.


1. The Cookout is for Friends - All members of The Cookout commit to their friendship with one another and enjoy their meal together. We share recipes, secrets, and experiences with each other.


2. The Cookout is for Family - If one member of the cookout gets attacked, it’s an attack on the whole family. If someone at the cookout needs to roll heads, they can rally the rest of the cookout for help but it’s not required.

3. The Cookout is Invitation Only - At times, the four inaugural members of The Cookout may invite someone to come to The Cookout. This is a family affair, so all members of The Cookout must agree to send the invite and let them know what they can bring. 


4. The Cookout is Exclusive - Because it’s invite only, The Cookout is very exclusive. All members of The Cookout agree not to eat with other groups or participate in other large gatherings. They can still eat meals one on one with others, but other cookouts are forbidden.


5. The Cookout has Rules - if someone at The Cookout needs to be sent home, then the other members of The Cookout must agree unanimously to send them home. If anything about The Cookout needs to be changed, then every member must agree unanimously to the change.


6. The Cookout Never Ends - If someone at The Cookout wants to leave The Cookout they must give 7 days notice so that their contribution to The Cookout can be covered.


Signed for CCC

lilweirdward - Chancellor, Other Egregious Meat-based Titles Go Here

A1ph40m3ga - His Most Gracious and Glorious Majesty, Supreme Sovereign of Smoked Meats, Grilled Delights, and Barbecue Extravaganzas, Grand Master of the Flame and Commander of the Cookout, King of the Grill, Baron of Brisket, Ruler of Ribs, Lord of Low and Slow Cooking, Highness of Hickory, Oak and Mesquite, Grillmeister Extraordinaire, and Chief Connoisseur of Culinary Charisma.

Britishdude - CCC High Councilor of Those Barely Active Enough to Sign Treaties


Signed for NATO

Devo, The Stat Lord  - Triumvar
Warden, The Treaty Flexer  - Triumvar
SteelersFan, The Steelers Fan  - Triumvar
LennyNKarl - Chief Justice, Royal King of NATO


Signed for NG

Lyanna, Sugar & Violence
Kerschbs, Closet Democrat
Lenin, The Milkman
Erwin Schrodinger, Schrothodoxy Patriarch
weebl, Concentrate and Ask Again
Caustic, Pope of Non Grata
Stewie, Master of the NG Senate

Rhizoctonia, RON Steel Ballz

Signed for FTW

King - Dark Lord Sauron, The All-Seeing Monarch

Hand of The King - Pjk11, the sentient Taco

Regent - Velocity, only in charge sometimes, probably 

Council of Lords

Lord of State - Velocity, like FL but slightly improved

Lord of War - CodArk2, Autocorrect Expect

Lord of Internal Affairs - Smitty, Alliance Archivist, & Order of the Northern Light




Tl;dr - Official MDoAP The Cookout bloc formed, not MDAP because Velocity doesn’t like fun. 

Edited by A1ph4 0m3ga
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1 minute ago, Cydonian Knight said:

Cooking and eating with friends is always better than alone! \o/

o/ CCC
o/ FTW
o/ NG

(roll Velocity because he doesn't like fun)


I'm going to take this as an official request to activate the MDoAP. Rolling Velo now.

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There should have been a nuke velocity clause directly in this treaty.


That being said, I am happy to finally see a bloc created for the sole purpose of rolling PGSG



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This makes sense; I think y'all already had MDoAPs with each other individually already, right? That's kind of how Oculus started (with a couple of exceptions). Have fun!


Also, shout-out to AZTEC for remaining the game's only MADP, hell yeah

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I cannot express how happy I am this finally happened. I’ve joked that half of NG’s diplomacy is good pics in our allies channel, particularly when Alpha gets the smoker going. 

Seriously, the last year plus have been some of the most fun times I’ve had on Bob.  I cannot wait to see what trouble we cool up next. 

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