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  1. :. Declare War on another nation Declaring Nation: TheCastle (firingline) Declaring Nation Strength: 58,604.987 Declaring Nation Rank: Ranked #1,194 of 2,712 nations Defending Nation: Hoovokia (Van Hoo X) - You cannot declare war on this nation because they are not within your range of nations to declare war on. View your My Ranking screen to find nations within your range. Defending Nation Strength: 6,290.990 Defending Nation Rank: Ranked #1,951 of 2,712 nations
  2. We do what we have to in order to get in range of targets who sell infra to avoid us. Thank you for being a customer of our infra removal service, by the way. Check back in a couple of days!
  3. Good news! It appears a couple nations from Defcon 1 and OP have decided to use our service!
  4. Imagine selling out of my range, getting hit anyways, then selling off everything you have left. Defcon 1 is full of cowards and spineless children. Not a single man among them.
  5. I'd nuke you for this but that is just going to have to wait now isn't it?
  6. If I see one more announcement I am going to strongly consider nuking you.
  7. So here's what you'd like us to believe: -The rest of Boog was always supposed to attack NG, outgunned, and just... lose the war and have alliances humiliated and disbanded. -You were always supposed to be neutral and be there for the assist if NG allies came in. But, you WOULDN'T announce this in the DoW! You would instead wait until later. You expect us to believe this was the plan.
  8. Well, sort of. You won't actually defend cobra's actions. You'll just say some nice things. Not officially, though - officially, you're neutral. But you, personally, will say some nice things. JA hit the nail on the head with his earlier post.
  9. When are you guys leaving? Don't even understand the point of a bloc if you're not going to fight together, to be honest...
  10. I think he meant to put a trillion on the end. That's probably closer to an accurate estimate.
  11. @Jason8 declare war on me so I can nuke you. I'll harbring you 5 nuclear warheads.
  12. /s/ FiringLine, Harbringer of Defcon 1's Death and Destruction. Let's play a game of word association. What words do you associate with Defcon 1? I'll start: "Pathetic." @Jason8, keep it rolling... what word do you associate with Defcon 1?
  13. The guys who folded on day 3 and have been hiding ever since. Remember? We forced them off red on day 1?
  14. Tough position to find yourself in. Keep your head down and focus on doing the right things. It will get much easier with time. Best of luck.
  15. If only the land our opponents willfully give up counted towards our totals...
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