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The Legion Declares war and chooses a new Night Imperator

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Out of the shower and ready to party
Shining bright with pride
On an evening like this, I'll get my man
I always give myself a thumbs-up on my posts
Because I love myself
Now take my pic, it's for my sister and me (MAMI!)

I don't have always have me or who by my side
I love living my life with my friends
But when I see him, and I know in just a momenttttttttt
That soon I'll have this weak feeling in my knees
It's an unpleasant feeling, but nice to meet you, let's go and dance!

Despite that I don't even know your name
Let's dance, you with me, and I with you.
Oh wait, it's not you, where'd you go?



The Legions Defence clause with Freehold of the Wolves has been activated, and we hereby declare war on the New Pacific Order in defence of our allies.

Also, I'm going to sleep soon, so I declare jerdge as Night Imperator. You have all the power of a Legion Imperator, except deathbiter won't recognize anything you say or do.

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Just now, Xineoph said:

Technically he did hit when we told him to :P


I was just telling some folks in our coalition channel that I admired him for going forward with the plan, his slow-footed bosses be damned!

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I know I used to give Legion a lot of grief about being lackeys, incompetent fighters, and cowards. While that may have been true over a decade ago the Legion of today is a very different animal. I can respect that.


Pacifica on the other hand has not changed at all. They're the same schmucks as they have ever been. Thrash them, Legion.

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