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Thirteen Years of Order

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Thirteen Years of Order


The New Pacific Order was founded on January 26, 2006, less than a month after Planet Bob came to be. Thirteen years later, there is little the Order has not seen or done in this world. Pacifica has been admired and reviled; an object of envy and of scorn; peerless in power and, on several occasions, nearly annihilated. It has done more than perhaps any other alliance to shape the history of this world.


Although the Order is smaller than it once was, it has by no means withered away. We've had our issues, and we haven’t gotten out as much as we used to over this past year or two, but it's safe to say that Pacifica is doing well. We noticed the chest pains early, made some dietary changes and started exercising again. We ran a 5k last month.


Don't believe us? We get it. NPO has been telling you it's "the best" for thirteen years; it probably gets old after awhile. During our reign of terror we'd have sent a viceroy to reeducate you. But, in our benevolence since such reeducation was deemed illegal, we'll let you form your own opinions.


Here's what Pacifica was up to in 2018. Graphs and tables come courtesy of Orion, our automated, all-seeing, all-knowing economic and military management system that definitely hasn't become self-aware and definitely hasn't been secretly running NPO for years.


The Pacifican Economy


The Pacifican economic system continued to churn out money and tech at world-historic rates in 2018:



Every slot is sacred. Every slot is great. If a slot is wasted, Frawley gets quite irate.


So much tech, in fact, that NPO nations produce and receive 25% of all new units of technology:



Standard rates of $9 million/300 tech apply


The Order can sustains its high tech production and low rates by building tech banks. Lots of tech banks:


Economic Wonder Growth - 2018


A growing tech bank needs all the wonders it can get


The Pacifican Military


NPO's economic machine isn't only built to keep the tech flowing. Pacifican Military Command has been busy building mid-tier nations with full complements of wonders. The New Pacific Order is the world's most foremost advocate of nuclear proliferation, with 76% of its members equipped with or capable of fielding nuclear weapons, 75% of which also possess a Weapons Research Complex.


Military Wonder Growth - 2018


You didn't think this would all be sunshine, tech production and rainbows, did you? We're not putting the jackboots away just yet...


In 2018, NPO concluded wars against GPA, Old Guard, and the SPATR coalition. The latter represented the conclusion of the longest war in history at 923 days. Pacifican nations fought a total of 497 wars in 2018, many against opponents utilizing the guerrilla tactics the Order has recently built its military to successfully fight.




By far the most important developments in NPO during 2018 were internal.


The Praetorian Guard continued to recruit aggressively and processed 243 applications. The Guard's efforts paid off; NPO's membership was stable in 2018 while most alliances' membership counts continued to plummet:



Something something State of Nature TM


The Order's forums are the largest and busiest of any alliance. Besides hosting Orion, they're trafficked by nearly 200 users every day. In 2018, there were over 4000 new topics, over 58000 new posts, over 37000 PMs, and over 3700 PM replies on npowned.net. 


Number of Registered Users Concurrently Online on npowned.net


The Order never sleeps


We achieved this in large part because we have a very active leadership team, from Imperial Officers to department heads. In the past 55 weeks there have been 82 formal announcements on NPO's forums ranging from announcements for new nation development programs to foreign affairs updates to awards ceremonies to newsletters. That's an average of 1.49 leadership announcements per week.


However, the best place to get to know us (or accuse us of hegemonic tyranny, whatever floats your boat) is our Discord server. With over 1500 members, unscheduled voice chats every day (ranging from 3 to 20+ participants), and 200-300 people active at any given time, there's always someone to talk to (or blame for all your in-character problems; again, whatever floats your boat).


Discord Messages per Day


We honestly have no idea what happened in early October


We hope you're sufficiently impressed, at least by our ability to congratulate ourselves if by nothing else. But self-congratulations are not the reason for this announcement. We've chosen this, the thirteenth anniversary of the Order's founding, to extend an invitation to the inhabitants of Planet Bob.


At its peak in 2007, NPO's membership was 1400; that number is now fewer than 300. We don't pretend to have solutions to many of the wider problems in this world, but we firmly believe the New Pacific Order remains a bastion of activity, innovation, and camaraderie with few peers and no equals. To anyone who wants to find out more about an alliance nearly as old as Planet Bob; to anyone looking for a new home; and to anyone who feels they no longer have a home: our doors are open.

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Been a long road from the fall of '09. Those reparations made one hell of a forge - thanks for that.


o/ Pacifica


o/ The Orders

o/ Our friends and enemies - wouldn't have been the same without you.

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1 hour ago, Finster Baby said:

Watch out for that rotator cuff tear from patting yourselves on the back...


Tho those are some impressive stats.



I've torn it before.  After a nice round of PRP, I no longer have a hole in my shoulder.

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