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  1. If the game weren't so stagnant (again, 3 years since any content updates) there might be a bigger user base. An Admin bomb might be what kills this place off. None of us who are left really want to see that. Lets get some updates! If Admin is unwilling/unable to do it, maybe he can consider giving a trusted person the ability to do so. A major overhaul to gameplay might be what brings back some of the inactives to give it another shot. Otherwise, I fear that we're in a death spiral and we're just waiting for the finishing headshot.
  2. Ok...can we just have the war to end all wars and blow up the apathetic Admin's server all ready? This pussyfooting around is just boring.
  3. I was like ho-hum till I got here. This, good sir, is genius and wins the thread. Move along, nothing else to see here.
  4. cool another North Carolinian :P

  5. Finster Baby

    April Fools

    Darn, I didn't delete Electron Sponge then? I should have done more - Maybe I would have gotten a mention. Well played.
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