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  1. Remember when I led NADC and things were actually pretty good. Man, those were the days. Things you hate to see. Good luck in TTK to the remnants of NADC.
  2. This’ll be a nice distraction and source of amusement.
  3. The percentage/amount of peace mode warriors is also amazing. You aren't being a very fun enemy so it's no wonder we would want Sentinel.
  4. is sipping tea, cackling and enjoying the show.

  5. No u. I will not do that. You fail. :

  6. Not really. At least once a week. I like t keep things interesting.

  7. Ohnoes. Don't eat meh. ;_;

  8. Good luck with the new alliance, it'll turn out great and I look forward to great things occurring. :P

  9. I'm still here, so no shoutout. :P

    Rerolling ftw.

  10. Yes. I left. I joined another awesome White alliance, Zenith. :awesome:

  11. Hi. I'm not antisocial. BTW, your avatar is just win on every level. I always stop what I'm doing to look at it. :D

  12. Zoom is of both genders. ;d Oh ho ho.

  13. Happy Birthday Botha!

    - YouMaka

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