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  1. Or maybe it's because we disbanded since the prior update.
  2. Last gameplay update: 7-25-2014 The four new wonders as mentioned below on 7/22 have been added to the game. 7-22-2014 Four new wonders will be added to the game later this week as discussed here. The four new wonders will be EMP Weaponization, Foreign Army Base, National Cemetery, and Political Lobbyists. See details of the upcoming wonders here.
  3. To clarify, it's not my intention to !@#$ on NPO, but posts like this inevitably invite comparison. So, good on NPO for 13. Why not post a DoW to celebrate? Do something interesting with those stats.
  4. I think we'd do alright by just about any metric. NPO average casualties per nation = 4,174,070.5 Total Casualties of NPO's top 25 nations by NS = 193,169,221 (Average of 7,726,768.84) NG has 273,034,177 casualties, which is 10,921,367.1 million per nation. Even if you don't factor our boy ALFER into the numbers, with his god-like 42,618,531 casualties (and counting), we still have an average of 9,600,652 per nation.
  5. Despite all those stats, you neglect the most important one; casualties. And we all know that's the only one that matters.
  6. NEWS FLASH: This might be the dumbest thread I've seen in years. "Momma told me not to feed the trolls" -> proceeds to feed the troll in a very public and hilarious manner
  7. It will be satisfying to finally have a go at CN's perpetual wet blanket.
  8. You're good people Samus. Back at you.
  9. Pretty sure that we've demonstrated our willingness to start !@#$ without a CB. This comes to mind...
  10. As the orchestrator of this war I can confirm that you are, as usual, completely full of !@#$.
  11. Avalanche agrees to peace with the forces of Non Grata, Nordreich, The Last Remnants, Global Alliance and Treaty Organization, and the Sovereign League of Armed Powers. Avalanche will refrain from providing military, financial, or any other form of assistance to any participant of the War for Maroon Dominance or any other ongoing conflict. Current wars between the belligerent alliances will continue until they expire or the individual nations agree to peace. Avalanche: I am nobody Chopin Non Grata: Abshire, Duumvir of Pain Erwin Schrodinger, Duumvir of Faith caustic, massive !@#$%^ Nordreich: Oro, Kaiser von Nordreich Latexi, Kronprinz von Nordreich TLR: Triumvirs of TLR: Kestral Hombre de Murcielago Jgoods45 GATO: Crv24, Assembly Chairman Alexio15, Deputy Assembly Chairman Overlord Wes, Minister of Foreign Affairs King Armen, Minister of Domestic Affairs Sir Kiloist, Minister of Finance Diomedes, Minister of Defense SLAP: Banned - The Blood God Supreme Emperor Daeg - The Hand that Opens Eviljak - The Hand that Fights Claude - The Hand that Guides Javier360 - The Hand that Feeds
  12. It would figure that you'd be too stupid to understand the difference between freedom of speech and freedom from the consequences of speech. That war started, in large part, because Mi6 members were, in general, being !@#$%bags. When you're a !@#$%, in the context of CN something almost exclusively identifiable through the things that you say, and nobody likes you, you get rolled. In other words, Mi6 was free to say whatever they wanted, but they had to deal with the consequences of what they said and to whom they said it.
  13. Are those supposed to be examples of censorship? If so, then perhaps you'll humor me with an explanation of how a DoW and a peace announcement have anything to do with NG censorship.
  14. Attempting to make 6m/100T the "going rate" is a valid CB.
  15. You're missing a few. We are also fighting RIA, GOD, Avalanche, and Old Guard. You're being delusional if you think this will save you from the hard choice that you will need to make. But please keep throwing AAs from your side into the grinder, because it's helping things escalate nicely. The same odds that TTK will elect deletion/perma-war over changing to a different color.
  16. It's not help if it's a drop in a different bucket.
  17. References to Trump likely won't stop until TTK, RIA, CRAP, and GOD leave maroon.
  18. Will they come out to play with GATO?
  19. Where do you get this !@#$? You thanked AW for "the help", which doesn't make much sense because, as I pointed out, they aren't helping you. If you were merely thanking them on behalf of "good form", then your language was quite imprecise.
  20. SUN entered roughly 24 hours before IRON's DoW. You had nearly a week to get your !@#$ together.
  21. It wasn't my intention to knock the oA, but if you're going to activate a treaty at least do it right.
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