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  1. I'm not buying this AT ALL unless the OP tells me in no uncertain terms that Slayer is back.
  2. Oh no, there are plenty of other reasons for that. (you left the door open, I hadda walk through it.)
  3. I just checked with my toddler. He said that TBB is very impressive and speaks the truth, and that you're off your damned rocker.
  4. It is good to see that moderation still has a pulse.
  5. Jerdge's is confirmed 100%. Thanks!
  6. Translation: We're not increasing his casualty count fast enough. Waah.
  7. You mean you wish to surrender to me? Very well, I accept.
  8. This is 1000% accurate. 13 years is an eternity in this world. I probably have you beat. I turn 50 next March. Tho, if I'm honest, I never expected CN to last this long anyway.
  9. Sponge had my full respect. He had the political clout and knowledge to turn any situation into a gain for him. Plus his intelligence was rivaled by very few in this community. While I certainly didn't like his methods, if he said something, I usually took it seriously as a leader. Its a shame we don't have more like him around. Things might be different.
  10. Getting old sucks. Now get over here so I can smack you with my cane. Why is it you continually open your mouth to prove you're a fool instead of keeping it shut and maybe people will only think it??? Oh that's right, you're smarter than all of us. What was I thinking?
  11. The day you humble me is the day I retire. You haven't even come close.
  12. If you think that I think my stats are awesome you're mistaken. Lysergide brought up the casualty reference, so I called him out on it. Also, I saw what you said there Lyser. You should really grow up.
  13. He's fought in half the wars you have but has twice the casualties. Telling. Hell, I've only got 27 wars with this iteration of my nation and I have more casualties than you.
  14. Yeah, OK, whatever. In your twisted mind that might make sense, but to the rest of us you're off your rocker.
  15. I suggest you re-read. I labeled no person as autistic. I called Lysergide out for using that label on me and DeathAdder.
  16. I considered a report, but it'll be much more fun bankrolling IRON nations to keep his NS in the teens. Cowards don't deserve much more than that.
  17. Was going by Carnivore, which is where I got the percentages from. But no matter. You, sir, have just crossed a line. Tis a shame you are too much of a coward to grow your nation, because I'd rip every word of that post out of your sorry excuse of a nation. If you ever had to work with a severely autistic child, you'd know better than to not make that comparison. Ranks up there with calling someone retarded. I'll just make sure that the IRON nations engaging you are given extra financial incentive to insure you pay for your stupidity.
  18. DeathAdder is correct. I was talking about damage taken during the war, not odds. *SMH*
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