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  1. A Football legend! Why wouldn't anyone what to drop to have the chance to tangle with the best. Getting older but still got it! I mean what the heck else is anyone doing.... Al
  2. 4 touchdowns in one high school football game....enough said.. hahaha no problem! You had the opportunity to cash in! See if these two will let me out of anarchy, ill grab 4 of ya! Heck maybe ill build up so someone with some real tech can tag in too.... There is two of us An alliance has to start somewhere.
  3. Congrats I guess, glad I wasn't there to sign it though! I guess I hold grudges.....haha Al
  4. I still don't know why this rogue thing keeps popping up, a micro alliance raids and automatically deemed a rogue... pfftt... We hit an alliance, reasoning raid peace sent - peace was sent. So I don't know where the rogue thing came from.... Now FAN had every right to hit us back and call in friends.....not arguing that... but ill contest being called a rogue. Al
  5. hahaha if I'm not worth dropping for, who is haha
  6. Ya, maybe I can whine to admin. Then they might let more people hit me so its fair for you all.. hahaha I'm thinking at least 1 vs 10? Pfftt... Its funny you act like your doing something I didnt sign up for hahahaha With a war chest of less than 500k, I'm surprised you know how to log into the game... Acting like you cant cause more damage than you are.. what you at like 600 strength loss for me in 4 days hahaha I salute you senator hahaha Hell even Caustic doing better than you. But congrats at doing better than the FARK guy that hasn't logged in haha. So far from NG the only decent fighter I've seen is Rhizoctonia, but the 66k tech did help him out. Hell ya'll cant even coordinate to win some GA's or run planes. haha AL
  7. Id like to thank FARK for participating! The more the merrier. Also especially to FARK for letting me out of anarchy so I could pay a visit to NG! hahahaha They are loving the attention. AL
  8. Alpha Wolves Respond to Spy Attacks Well AW are still kind of around in round 58. Kung Fu spied me on 8/22, I responded and others followed later. Probably could have been worked out early on but fail on my part (Lazy Government) Tropic Thunder attacked back on 8/24, so we declare it an official war for AW. Lets have some fun! We will go easy and try not to wreck your whole AA - Al Bundy and his Wolfpack
  9. My change is that I'm busy in RL and no time to stay up until 3am talking about drama in CN anymore. Gov role is not for me anymore.
  10. Although I'd love to just be a dick, rejoin CLAWS gov after this is over and laugh as no one does a thing about it (like the last time) but I am tired of talking to you all and it takes up too much of my time hahahaha. This game is all conversations and threats now. My goal is to leave all the discords channels behind, stay off the OWF (not succeeding), and if you want to talk to me message me in game I might still stick around in an alliance, hell maybe ill join FAN, so far they seem to be nice guys but they would need to change their raid policy. Again....I have no intentions to ever rejoin CLAWS, even as a member, due to the crying I'd hear that I'd be secretly running it in a back room. Al
  11. Probably the issue, no raids up this high. O so sorry I don't make sure my grammar is great for a dam game haha. I'm sure all you high school, 40 year olds have better things to do than read post and correct grammar... o wait guess not...let me know what I miss spelled here typing on my phone at 11 pm before I head to sleep.
  12. Ehhh i was told it was never requested by FAN to sanction me, NG took the opportunity. All I see is an alliance raiding another and NG blew there loads to volunteer to help when it was me (Which I could care less if I get to fight NG). Have your guys drop or build to hit me haha ill enjoy every minute of it. Sanctions on an alliance raiding or warring another is out of line to me. Especially when I did no such thing. AL
  13. I'll be interested to see if anyone can even get me to the bottom...
  14. Hahaha your minnow tank should be fun hahaha.
  15. I've spoke to them... not the case from my understanding... just and excuse from NG... really sad ya needed one hahaha
  16. Alpha Wolves (EX) The Alpha Wolves alliance has returned to planet Bob. We have started our alliance with some good old fashion raiding as we did in the old days. FAN seems an exciting choice! They have started responding and sound excited for it. Recognize War We recognize the state of War with NG, as they declared on us and sanctioned myself through no ties or requests. May the sheep hid, and the wolves run free. Al Bundy Now accepting nation wanting ZIed
  17. Merging into a dead aa? Ehhh good luck. Al
  18. Your a good guy, glad to see new leadership. Al
  19. Cant we all just get along hahaha
  20. RR picking on Wolves.... Naught naughty RR haha Glad to see it resolved. AL
  21. Where have I seen DS and FTW together before...... O right fighting my little pups and I back in what like 2014 hahaha.... Good to see the names together again for a happier cause. Al
  22. The combined forces of Argent, CLAWS, Global Alliance and Treaty Organization, Independent Republic of Orange Nations, The Legion and New Pacific Order do hereby declare a state of war with COBRA and Non Grata for promoting and participating in the organization of a variety of hostile actions towards the coalition. It is further noted that many of these actions that have since come to light occurred during both the original six month non-aggression period between Non Grata and the members of the coalition, as well as the subsequent NAP extension with several coalition members, with the members of the coalition discovering the violations thereafter. Non Grata has continued to demonstrate that they are an alliance incapable of honoring their word - even for only a short span of time - and truly only care about themselves. This is a punishment for the infringement of the agreement which Non Grata signed while actively working to undermine its terms and abuse our trust. May Admin have mercy on your souls. Signed, For Argent: Lowsten For CLAWS: Al Bundy Jazzy Claude For the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization: Tevron WANA Morte For the Independent Republic of Orange Nations: Blade 619 For The Legion: deathbiter For the New Pacific Order: Lord of Darkness
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