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Anyone around from the Old Days?


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On 12/1/2016 at 4:11 PM, Gibsonator21 said:

The part about him being at no ones service? 


2009 here. Even though I've been playing 7 years most people I talk to would still say that's not the "old days" though lol.


Hey, I remember you.  You didnt joint til 2009?


I'm mid 2007 myself.

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1 hour ago, Dochartaigh said:

Not gonna lie but I enjoyed GW1. I was in Polaris and never lacked a target! 


Yeah... GW1... I joined CN and NPO a couple of weeks before the war.  I think I got an early academy graduation from the war breaking out, nothing like learning war by fighting the against the world.

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19 hours ago, Azure said:


Yeah... GW1... I joined CN and NPO a couple of weeks before the war.  I think I got an early academy graduation from the war breaking out, nothing like learning war by fighting the against the world.


Yeah, I joined Polaris bout a month or so before the war broke out. It was pretty awesome. Still miss the days of the massive aidfalls!

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On 12/9/2016 at 5:55 AM, LJ Scott said:

GW2/3 were actually terrible in comparison to noCB or Karma...


I don't think I was as involved for those conflicts so maybe that's why I think of it differently. Being in #initiative and all the coalition coordinating channels was a blast.

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November '06 here, got CM'd into joining GOONs during the run-up to GWIII.

Daemon Vower threatened to ZI a town in Ohio, because a tiff regarding the multies of a candidate for sheriff/mayor went sideways.  Good times.

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I began in 2007 in March, missing the events of Great War III as a member of the Fifth Column Confederation. By December, I was dissatisfied with the alliance's anarchist philosophy and created a micro called the Separatist Confederation. 


I merged the micro into Chimaera's Imperial Assault Alliance in return for the position of Moff of Imperial Communications. From this position, I eventually established the Imperial Security Bureau and a number of other programs aimed at increasing the military bureaucracy of the alliance.


After we were rolled and EZI'd during GATO-1V, I joined Vox Populi and sought to challenge NPO ideologically. Dissatisfied with the leadership in the movement (especially starfox101 and Doitzel), NPO agreed to drop my EZI status and allowed me to join NATO.


One month into my membership at NATO, Ivan Moldavi suddenly returned and established the New Sith Order. I quickly joined, desiring to learn more about how the original Orders worked. With my experience as ex-IAA Emperor and ISB director, I worked with Teh Chron and others as part of a secret police unit designed to protect Ivan's philosophy within the NSO.


However, I went inactive for a couple years. When I returned, I didn't recognize any of NSO's leadership, so I decided to join the NPO under Cortath's leadership. I played a minor role in NPO, primarily as a recruitment officer, until fading back into inactivity due to real life.


In 2013, I returned as Tywin Lannister and joined House Baratheon, immediately joining the crusade against Mushqaeda. For a while I kept my previous identity secret, but I quickly rose to Hand and played a role during the Disorder War in coalition command.


Near the end of the war in early 2014, I was deposed as Hand and became a pariah for a while. I formed the Revolutionary Order Party as an experiment, which brought together about 15 individuals such as xoindotlner. The work we accomplished ideologically carried over into LoSS, and laid the foundations of producerism as it exists today.


I established the SHADOWS in LoSS, and rewrote the charter to allow for an easier merger into the Supernova X project. The SHADOWS later carried over into Supernova X as an elite special operations and state security unit based on earlier work in NSO and IAA.


After my expulsion from SNX, I served under Dajobo as press director and a number of other jobs, and earned the Order Hero medal during the Doom War.


Although I was expelled in late 2014, elements of the SHADOWS remained and brought me back into the alliance in 2015, when we fought the July Revolution. Since then, I have served as the Imperium's leader.

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