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  2. at this point i just assume everyone is fair game to anyone so i was surprised to see the idea of a casus belli still floating around
  3. this situation is entertaining enough but i must admit that then finding an insult from someone that you don't have the slightest clue about but clearly follows you is great. is this what successful people feel like when some dude in off-smelling sweatpants tweets some garbage at them from his trailer while they're out having a nice time? i like to think it is. uh, anyway to stay on target here, non grata sucks and caliph is the worst.
  4. and here i thought i was taking crazy pills. hell maybe i am.
  5. we've seen worse. i guess i'd say these numbers are why jalap thinks he can tell us what to do. im not a big fan of that kind of treatment but having spent a long time in a small alliance its one i'm used to and i can say with some confidence it wont deter us from protecting ourselves anymore that it has before.
  6. can we just do the QnA in this thread? what are the merits, in your opinion, of a burrito vs a taco? and what, really, is the difference between an egg roll and a chimichanga?
  7. I guess with our name being on this paper we'd be no longer paperless. And no, your head is fine, it did exist up to this point.
  8. just turned 10. gwiii was amazing. also some pretty decent times since then
  9. Post thread about a political relationship that died a year ago and a friendship that died somewhere in between. Get inflamed when it goes the only way it could. Suggest you are moving forward. Here we are, somehow.
  10. and now they blocked us on facebook. totally uncalled for.
  11. Way to change the subject! I thought we were friends! Anyway none of your numbers check out, and if anything it seems like you and SW could both have communicated better. Leave me out of it! Margrave's gone. None of those logs made any sense, and none of it could have happened. The merge with DK was shot down because Kashmir members thought it'd be too polarizing. DK disbanded shortly after the war to get them began. How FAN of all people came up is pretty amusing considering we haven't spoken to them meaningfully in years. Because III% was merging with them? Far as I know, they hate our guts. It was one guy, spouting off about stuff that looked more like dreaming, than planning. To say that we're no longer transparent is interesting. You can't be 100%, in this world. We are hamstrung by the rest of the game. We know there are spies in Kashmir digging around. We know even good members can spill the beans and one of those beans would find its way to some untrustworthy !@#$%. Unless we went neutral and talked about baseball and stuff all the time there's a chance some tasty bit of information could be tossed in the mix that could endanger our friends, if not us, if it became public. This is known as the struggle and we've been up against it since trying out this experiment. Some things cannot be said. 100% transparency has never been the goal, we have simply said we strive for transparency. Champion Thorgrum all you want, it's not like you can ask a spy if he's a spy to his face. But transparency is not all you're supposed to think about when you look at Kashmir. It was founded as a place to generally relax at. It's not for people who can't coexist with others peacefully and put the past behind them, which is our biggest problem, historically.
  12. don't need reasons for much anymore. come to think of it, never really did. readily available records seem to indicate about 600 tech sent out. they also show the damage the war caused and it was substantial, in which case, you'd be joining many from Kashmir in that regard.
  13. these are the same people that claim you've been antagonizing them in their next post. ignore the nonsense and best wishes to you guys.
  14. thanks to Last Call and PPO for following through on their promises. An IOU has been drafted for better days. thanks to NSO for the behind the scenes work with Oculus. And in the post war rebuilding to come. special thanks to Non Grata and their old/new friends for inspiring a renaissance in Kashmir, people are even posting on the forums once in a while. it's crazy. peace in our time, til someone else rolls us!
  15. Our relationship with FAN would best be described as "there is not one".
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