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  1. Tell me the casualties and cash amounts from my attacks on unaligned tonight so I know it's you.
  2. I can't imagine your wardec "Raid and Payback" would have anything to do with any of the three wars I've declared against nations with secret trades. I further can't imagine why you would put a 12-hour ultimatum on my accepting the peace you offered after you ran attacks. I further-further can't imagine why you would claim it's my "saving grace" to accept that peace, what with nobody liking BC's recent action. The nation you wrote from had no stake in that war. Which, as I messaged in case you weren't aware, is now over. I may accept peace, I may not, who knows, TE is the fun one. Whatever I do it will be by my choice and not for fear of jeopardizing any of your multis. Get bent, and have a nice day.
  3. There's plenty of folks in these parts Delivering chocolate in hearts Their hormonal rage Will soon turn a page And morph into comfort with farts
  4. Navigation check: this is the condensed version of a dead spreadsheet game, right? Also, you are not being mocked "for being too successful." It's more to do with being too serious. Tomorrow our wars are expired, The SDI crews are all tired. We've sallied our dudes With good attitudes And plenty of nukes have been fired.
  5. A grizzled old warrior mulls His navy that's down to two hulls For all of war's ills It lowers the bills I guess I am here for the lulz
  6. We've seen such a string of tirades, The statements are really charades. We're digging right in, We're under their skin: They're starting to send us blockades!
  7. Two questions: Is it taste buds, or a neural processing issue, that makes you unable to tell salty from sweet? What does "hedious" mean?
  8. HG thinks that TE is his, And therefore it's none of our biz. We also are tight, Against him who fight; We've earned our place here that's fo' shizz
  9. The Cultists are nowhere near noobs, Decidedly cooler than rubes. And later today, I'm happy to say We're ready to fire all tubes
  10. Surely you are aware that in order to demonstrate your fitness to receive this intelligence you must first progress through Camp Lemonparty and then through Camp Meatspin, taking care not to err so gravely that you find yourself doing penance in Camp Tubgirl.
  11. Also don't get into any land wars in Asia Good hunting, all
  12. TFW when as a little kid you stayed up late to watch Monty Python's Flying Circus, and despite the laugh track you didn't understand any of the humor
  13. I'm no vexillologist, but that puts me in mind of a Confederate Union Jack. I wonder if Bubba and Boris also look forward to beginning discussions of cessation of hostilities. Exciting!
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