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  1. When you say soporific were you thinking more of sophomoric? Asking for a friend.
  2. That was not disavowal, that was answering your question; to wit, was he acting on his own or on behalf of Kashmir. Jack is like the scirocco, he blows across the desert heedless of the boundaries set by men. Always will he be a brother, in'shallah may he say the same.
  3. Bonus points if said Pontiac was promptly taken to the A&W drive-thru. Hail Fredonia!
  4. The enemy of my enemy is my SuperFriend. Parallel play is still play, and we are learning to throw less sand.
  5. Thanks for the feedback, we'll make sure it's reflected on their next performance review :woot:
  6. Insult? No. You'd have know if I were insulting you. I have not had reason to insult you; did my message to CodFCS use too many syllables for you? See, *that's * an insult.
  7. Yup, we've got you right where we want you. On my command, we unleash Operation: 476 A.D. Tonight we're gonna party like it's GW2 Perhaps our paths shall cross on the field of honor, good sir. Until then I bid you farewell and may the dogs of war bring in your newspaper.
  8. I've heard more Moana-ing than moaning in here, myself
  9. That's not our tail and it's not our legs it's between
  10. /checks audio, verifies no stutter
  11. Now hear this: In support of COBRA and with a spring in our step, Kashmir does hereby declare war on Freehold of the Wolves. That is all.
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