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Imperial Decree from the New Pacific Order

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Imperial Decree from the New Pacific Order

Wars and politics are a curious things where allies and enemies of bygone ages change between being on the same side or on another. In our long quest seeking to bring Order to the world, the New Pacific Order has become all too familiar with this and has learned much as a result of history. This journey has been far from an easy one; for it is fraught with victories and accomplishments. With defeats and setbacks to learn from. We may falter, but we always get up again, bringing forth our vision of order upon the world with peace, strength, and prosperity for those supporting it.

And it is here, as enforcers of order, that we stand today.

Ivan Moldavi once stated that "No one could act against the Orders and speak of it being in 'good conscience'. To act against the Orders is to be in the wrong by definition." Invicta has, on several occasions, displayed hostility towards allies of the New Pacific Order and, by extension, Pacifica herself. And they have also taken it upon themselves to associate with other factions hostile towards Pacifica and her allies, most notably MI6. While we can respect them for making the choice of aligning themselves in such a manner, this association and conduct, however, has unfortunate but necessary consequences.

The New Pacific Order hereby declares war on Invicta and declares support for her allies Non Grata and the New Polar Order in their engagement against MI6.

Our past wars against Invicta have quite enjoyable and we wish them the best of luck in this one. o/

Signed on this Sixth of June 2016,

Emperor of the New Pacific Order
The Thunder Down Under

Lord of Darkness,
Imperial Regent of the New Pacific Order
Grand Marshal of the Army of the Pacific

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4 minutes ago, ForSparta said:

Quite ironic a bloc that rolls my alliance multiple times, pulls the "this alliance is threatening us" card.


See you on the battlefield, nonetheless.


The rumors were very concerning 

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23 minutes ago, Duke Nukem said:

Now, here's the ultimate question, is there a former ally Pacifica wont burn down in order to finally defeat those evil teaplotting MI6'ers?

I laughed way too hard at this 5/5

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