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  1. Good stuff guys! But nice try in tryin to get me back you almost had me! ❤️
  2. LOL poor Fox Fire (the rest of us are just as confused)
  3. Zygon

    Color Bonus?

    Regardless it's the same color......it should definitely already register as two of the same colors.....
  4. o/ was a pleasure to work with you folks! Long live R&R <3
  5. Me and my current trade partners are all the same color but the bonus only registers for one out of 6 partners......any reason why?
  6. We've known each other through many of those years off and on. It was a pleasure getting to work with you friend. You know how to contact me so don't be afraid to. Along with Blacktron, you have friends here. o/ Godspeed
  7. Thats the truth! Our times on IRC were awesome my dude take care of yourself god dammit alright?
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