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  1. I have no issue with ODOAPs. I would just prefer that we didn't undermine the value of MDoAPs with non-chaining clauses.
  2. One of the stupidest aspects of modern politics is the phenomenon of the MnDoAP. I have no idea whether topics have already been made on this as I haven't been around in literally years (so forgive me if I'm repeating an existing thread) but I come from a time when this wasn't a thing. An MDoAP was an MDoAP, and alliances turned into pariahs when they failed to honour them (and were respected forever when they did.) A non-chaining defence clause basically renders MDoAPs a fancier sounding ODOAP. It's a treaty for politicians, not friends. You're all complaining that politics is stagnating. Why not cut the bs and only sign a treaty when you actually mean it? I know you all know this, but the reason a chaining clause is important is that an alliance is unlikely to be directly attacked, but drawn into a conflict as a result of treaties. That is because alliances in the politics of this world are rarely important in their own right, but are part of groups of alliances (sometimes blocs, sometimes less formal than that) which have political interests *as groups*. So in order for a mutual defence clause to be meaningful, it needs to be chaining. Otherwise, your ally can find themselves vastly outnumbered and getting rolled while you don't lift a finger, because it wasn't a "direct attack." If you trust someone enough, promising to come into a chaining war with them isn't a problem, because they can always excuse you. And if not, why the heck bother with the whole "mutual defence" farce in the first place? Basically, grow a pair.
  3. OOC: I entirely agree that RP would make this game more fun. It's one of the main reasons I RP. My ingame opinions are only affected very slightly by OOC perspectives. Anyway, this is all offtopic.
  4. The three Polar members (out of the ten I messaged) who peaced out MI6 and allowed their opponents to escape in peacemode say otherwise. OOC: Jesus Christ, calm down. I was giving my opinion as to why people in general form OOC grudges over this game, not you in particular. Furthermore, my comment was about other people's antagonism towards each other, not about anyone's personal beef with me, let alone yours. (I'm not old enough as a nation for anyone to have formed a grudge against me.) Seeing as I didn't even mention you in my post, I can only conclude my comments about grudges/ ****posting hit a little close to home. Welcome to my ignore list.
  5. I like you. Now, speaking OOC here for a moment: roleplaying died years ago, and in reality there's a lot of OOC interaction and OOC relationships formed when you're playing in real time and talking on IRC, which means OOC grudges formed. I shrug. Besides which, a disproportionate number of people in this game are messed up in real life, which means they get hurt more easily.
  6. You apparently can't receive messages. Can you fix that so that I can PM you, please?

    1. Schattenmann


      I've cleared out some space.

  7. "The life of a lackey", eh? Smaller alliances (like Invicta, or your friends in STA) often get accused of being lackeys, but that's simply a matter of public perception. They can't help their size. As for dying, most alliances are heading the same way: Invicta will die (assuming it actually does die, which I hope it doesn't, just to spite you) remembered for sticking with its allies, not as a discarded lackey. That's more than most disbanded and long-forgotten alliances can say.
  8. What exactly was trashy about them, pray tell? They were and are kind and decent people (and although I know it's people who can come up with the most sarcastic and clever posts who often get the most kudos, I quite frankly wish there were more people in that category.) On top of that, during Karma they had more spine than the entire CoC put together. Their only fault was in being friends with Pacifica in the first place (anyone could see NPO would stab them in the back eventually.)
  9. Oooh, what a burn. An insult to my intelligence from someone who doesn't know the first thing about me. Like I said to you before, quality trolling is supposed to be witty. Being a jerk for the sake of it isn't quite the same thing.
  10. You actually like people other than yourself? Could've fooled me.
  11. None of what I just said about the Sparta-MI6 treaty was new to me. I have no problems with quality trolling (even when directed at me) but if you're going to make snarky posts at least make them interesting to read.
  12. Likewise. You're not worth the mental energy. I'm well aware Sparta has a treaty with MI6 and that a counter has been anticipated for several days. I just didn't think two wars was a sufficient indication that that had now occurred. The point is moot now that Sparta has made an official declaration, anyway.
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