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Still eating our vegetables, and looking both ways

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Today marked something that not everyone in Monsters Inc thought we were going to do, not something I assumed they could achieve before I joined them. It's been a long bumpy ride from our respective homes over a year or two ago we've come together in an alliance called Riot Society. All we wanted to do was be our own little home for ourselves, by ourselves, and we achieved that. We had members who caused us to be raided for our raids (nothing has changed), outspoken members, and members who we went to bat for getting them off ZI lists, and defending them when they were on ZI lists. To defending our raids, and to making fools of ourselves. To poaching our raids, to making them realize that being raided is not the worst thing to ever happen to them. Almost all of the original members of Monsters Inc were in Riot Society at one point in time, but Monsters Inc has become so much more than we thought it could become. Now this isn't for anyone else, but for ourselves, and to say that no matter what we do, what we've done, we'll continue to eat our vegetables, and looking both ways before we cross the street.









I'd also like to give a shout out to Kashmir, especially yolo; as well as Kaskus, especially Unknown Smurf. 


Now i'd like to give a special shout out to each individual nations on our AA, because without you guys we'd never have been able to get over a million with as reckless as we are. 


Jonesing - You're new, but you bring a different aspect that we're not used to. We've always been small nations with a ton of nukes in those tiers. Not that you or I are huge NS means, but it's a different aspect for us as an alliance than what we are used to.


Lord Caparo - I don't know why but you want to keep me in this game, mostly for giving out aid, and helping plan things. So I'm not sure if I should thank you here. - 

[9:02pm] Razorade: BM|Away
[9:02pm] Razorade: i said more than aid
[9:02pm] Razorade: i said your experience, your activity and basically how easy you are to talk too for everyone
He did say more than what I posted!


Shave N Haircut - What a wild ride, we've been working together for almost two years now. I'm still nto sure why you listen to me, and my crazy ideas.


Septimoose - You joined today, so that's cool!


Kingneptune - I remember you back from Riot when I had to go to Fark, and see if I could get them to stop attacking. You're a good fighter, and keep us all feeling light hearted over on our ten announcements per day.


roochi - We got you from TPC when we mass raided them, and you nuked me on your first try, which isn't bad. I'm glad you joined us, and I think you are too.


VitaminTHC - Again, why you follow me around i'll never know. One of the coolest, most chill kids i've ever met. You're not the only one of my raids i've poached, I'm glad I raided you. 


Hombre Sabio - I'm glad you nuked NPO for the fact that you left Order of the Rose, and joined us. I think you'll like our different kind of play.


Empress Bella - We've had our difference, huge differences, but you're a decent person; though we can both agree, $%&@ LSF


Asero - I feel like I should know you better, but we seem to have never really interacted which is weird, but hey you seem like you know what you're doing on our announcements. 


Kim Jung Su - The very first person I raided/poached. I stole you away from an alliance called Central Powers, as I did with Vitamin THC. Actually I had your AA raided, and half of you joined, you were by far the most out spoken, and most influential in our beginning days if Riot Society. I'll sit your nation well while you finish school. Good luck, kid.


Natefire - I know you were a raid who joined, don't very talkative, but hey you get a shout out anyways. 


Mansheim - You seem like a fun kid, always active, and always coming up with new ideas for our AA. I'm not sure if you were in Guinness or joined Riot Society later before it disbanded, but i'm glad you joined. You'll be a good gov member for a long time to come.


Lord Hitchcock - You're a !@#$@#$ loud mouth idiot on the OWF, but I have a soft spot for you. You joined Riot Society, and took it to your heart, and cared about it (I think more than I did). You have taken what I started, and continued it to heights I never imagined a rag tag band of raiders, poachers, and miscreants could go. 


ericsw123 - I have no idea who you are, you're active though, so you get a shout out.


killak1234 - I almost denied you because of your name, I'm not sure if you made it as a joke at first, but you are not what I imagined when you joined. You're active, and good at following orders. You'll do well here.


Captain Blackbeard - Brah, no idea who you are. 


Doug Henning - It's !@#$@#$ doug, what else needs to be said?


SaltyRichard - You wrote our charter so i'll blame you for our recent raid problem; other than that you're majorly active, and want us to be a very streamlined alliance from the top down. You have good ideas, and I hope you keep bringing them up to keep making us better.


Argon Targaryen I - Never before have I seen a completely new nation want to learn the game, and want to try their hand in government so fast. You even came up with ideas for deputies that they must be under 150 days old. I hope you get to be gov soon, and I can't wait to see what you do.


Gaston - New kid, grasps the game. Soft spoken as one can be on a text based game, does his duty in tech deals, follows orders, and only speaks up when needed. Perfect member for any alliance.


Alaric I - Besides MI6, I think I'm the best poacher out there. I'm glad you joined, i'm sure you're glad you joined as well. Activity, fun, and aid. I promised you it all, and you got it all.


Emperor Abandon - Joined with me during my retirement home spin, and you've followed me ever since. You're a good kid. Need to be a slight bit more active in our announcements then just with me in PMs.


Everyone else, you're very new to me, and please don't be upset if I didn't get to you. I hope to get to know you soon because you are the nations that make Monsters Inc what it is. An active alliance who puts it's members first. 






I know most people think we'll crash, and implode eventually. We know's maybe they're right, maybe we wont, but I'm glad that we're still going at it. Here we are at a million NS, even though some nations are half our NS we like to think that we've crossed a milestone that no one ever thought we would be able to do. We'll continue to $%&@ up, and move on like we've always done. 



Thank you to everyone that we've met on the way, and hello to everyone else we'll meet on our way. 

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And we also owe our success to locking ourselves in the treaty web, and not engaging in any form of activity outside of our back collects. [sarcasm]

This is a fun time for us and with projects in the works- it will be even more exciting in the future!

I also want to shout out to Sycronax (I know I slaughtered your name) for banding together the lower teir and making our last scuffle easy to deal with and zombinator for being zombinator.



Great post BMTH!

o/ Monsters Inc

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Alaric I - Besides MI6, I think I'm the best poacher out there. I'm glad you joined, i'm sure you're glad you joined as well. Activity, fun, and aid. I promised you it all, and you got it all.


Aww we're included in the post.

Congratz on hitting 1mil NS, only 17mil left to beat NPO...

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I look after your tech business and trades and I get no shout out? Hmpf!


special shout out to our close friend, SirWilliam  ;)


...and for his patience :D

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