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  1. Slayer your comment is like the pot calling the kettle black. I remember the things you got up to when I was in TGE, also how your pawn (Vlad) and his pet poodle (the Kaiser) dealt with anyone who disagreed with the path TPF was taking. Karma hurts (and I do not mean the Bloc).
  2. Done, just for you, although points 1 an 5 do apply in this thread.
  3. [OOC]Why is it that any thread Immortan Junka gets involved in, rapidly devolves into either; 1. Mudslinging. 2. Burbling on about the Bourgoisis 3. Bemoaning the treatment and present existential status of Hawaians 4. The use of Drugs. 5. So far off track that people lose track of what the thread was about in the first place.[/OOC] So ignoring the self-centred narcissistic witterings of Immortan Junka, Congratulation to ANimalZ on white peace.
  4. Ah yes those would be the Forum shots taken by a re-roll, who while an Admin at TPC created his own little back door, then spied. So off course you caused more damage than animalz, it was two alliances doing the attacking, with the inside information from that spying. So have fun with your dose of slow clap,
  5. Just to put a few points in order. At that time KoRT was not a protector, but an ally, we were offered help but declined it. The protectorate with NoR came later as I had dual nationality and like a lot of alliances, inactivity and deletions had taken their toll. KoRT has always been there for its allies, always
  6. I find this somewhat amusing, you accuse me of derailing your threads and taking them over, yet here you are doing the same thing again. While I have never said anything about you or your alliance that was not true, many of the threads in which I replied, were threads you had turned around to be all about you, and much of what I said, had already been said by others. This latest set of attacks are only the latest in a long line, you rightly said this bad blood between us has gone on two years. So let me refresh your memory loss. At the time it began, you were in TAE, where at the time I was leading said alliance, you carried out unauthorised Tech Raids (which our charter strictly forbade, and it was clearly stated on the application). When confronted you went of into a tirade of bile and vitriol, much of which was personally directed at me. Then you went rogue and attacked two members of TAE. When I started my first alliance at TPC, who should turn up raiding us, but you and your AniMalz, you then had the nerve to come on out forums as if nothing had happened, demanding compensation and having sent in-game messages to junior TPC members threatening them (with total destruction unless they joined AniMalz, one did, but it turned out he was a spy for you, sadly for him I pegged him as a multi and he was deleted), Then you went off on your usual tirade with insults so we activated a treaty, you were attacked and after you were beaten down. Some time later you did the same thing again, with the same result. Years ago, I was a member of KoRT (MoW) and over the years have been a regular visitor. at their forums. In that time I watched you commit an unprovoked attack on them, in addition there were at least two occasions where you deeply insulted people there. KoRT is an honourable alliance which always defends its friends and you have been thrown out of there (twice if memory serves) for you behaviour. Now here we are again, you threatened TPE with destruction, should they accept me, you then tried extortion for peace (as you did with KoRT as well), you then threatened to have me sanctioned. You attacked TPE because they would not bow down to your threats. What I did not understand was the Tech dealing with me. I accepted a deal before your bit on the NoR forums, yet when you were at war with TPE, I not only had two further offers from AniMalz (which I turned down), but Tech was delivered to me in time of war. So yes there is a degree of personal in this, not only with your conduct towards alliances I have been in, but the fact you have called my personal integrity, honour and family lineage into place. So please, climb down from your high-horse, because everything that has befallen you in this game, has come about because of your own words and actions.
  7. Nice, remember why you were kicked out of TGE and put on a ZI list? It seems the caricature is probably accurately you. BTW I am not and never have been Wilhelm I, get your facts right.
  8. Congratulations to all
  9. Congrats Shurukian, come a long way since TSI
  10. We do not see eye-to-eye, but good luck on your new venture.
  11. Lol never has the barrel been so lowly scrapped that the only alliance left open to you is this one
  12. History again repeats itself, every alliance he has ever been in, it has always resulted in Stonewall getting his undies in a twist at the wrong time of the month, throwing a teddy in the corner tantrum, threatening all, then getting curb-stomped. Even since the days of TGE and at least three incarnations, nothing has changed. The only person who was better at doing this sort of thing was King Tower
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