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  1. Empress Bella

    FTW - LT Protectorate Treaty

    Thank you to everyone for the support, I look foreword to a long partnership with FTW. Per the name, I would like to keep it as is and I appreciate Franz blessing to do so. It is a good name and a shame to see it die, here is to giving it a new life and meaning moving foreword while keeping it a tribute to Franz' legacy.
  2. Empress Bella

    BUYING 6m/100t

    Would like to fill all my slots, long term deals would be especially nice. PM in game and I'll send money. Nation ID=456047
  3. Empress Bella

    Crime Prevention Down

    its possible, but my rating has always been 0 for as long as I recall. I looked and can't find any recent proposals that would harm my score.
  4. Empress Bella

    Crime Prevention Down

    So I've just been collecting taxes/paying bills, no big changes to my nation lately. Suddenly, my crime score goes from 0 to 3. What the hell?
  5. Empress Bella

    Rules Regarding War

    Well I figured people would rather suffer some relatively harmless spy attacks vs actual attacks. Honestly just trying to find the relatively safest way to gain xp without damaging my nation too much.  I figure theres always the danger they fight back, but I figure if I tell them that if they don't attack, they'll suffer little damage and I'll be on my way, then its more likely to stay a small deal.  All mostly just theory at this point, till I find what seems to be the best method. 
  6. Empress Bella

    Rules Regarding War

    So you can't try to threaten/persuade someone into a spies-only war without turning off xp? This wouldn't be a pre-arranged thing. I'm talking declaring war and sending a message saying spy attacks will occur and if ground attacks/cms/non-spy attacks are launched by the defender, they will face nuclear consequences; They still have the option to attack and may full well do so, but the option to retaliate with spy-only attacks may sound like the better option.    Spy attacks can still be damaging, attacking money, weapons, etc. 
  7. Empress Bella

    Rules Regarding War

    Would it be considered slot filling if you entered a war that consisted of only spy attacks? I ask because spies seem to be the easiest to train of all the generals and if I can attack people and convince them not to attack back full force, I could actually possibly get a nice general eventually. 
  8. Empress Bella

    Moon/mars Colony Population

    Ok cool, thanks
  9. Empress Bella

    Moon/mars Colony Population

    So to be clear, it basicly adds the stores % to your earth count?  Example: Pop. Count is 101,422,       6% of 101,422 = ~6,085      after purchase of moon pop. count would = 107,507
  10. Empress Bella

    Moon/mars Colony Population

    So what exactly is the point of the stored population? 
  11. Empress Bella

    Population Count/taxes

    8.9m is daily taxes, 6.1m is daily bills. Net of 2.8 daily.    I used to make 10-15m taxes before bills, went to war and got brought down a bit but I'm at a higher NS than I've ever been and bills are high/taxes low.    Edit: Got rid of gorrilla camps...shot up to 15.1...well damn. 
  12. Empress Bella

    Population Count/taxes

    Whats up with my taxes? And my improvement rating?    taxes are 8.9m/day, bills 6.1.. have -10 improvement slots, can't seem to get that to stay up. I buy infra and one opens up, then it goes back down again it seems.    happiness is 99, crime is index is 2, pop. income is 302 (very strong).   Any ideas of whats wrong with my nation? 
  13. Empress Bella

    BUYing tech 6/100

    PM me, won't be checking this thread very often. Looking for any kind of trade, but especially long term deals.   http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=456047
  14. Empress Bella

    SELLing 100/6

    meant to say buying -_-
  15. Empress Bella

    Looking for a purple circle

    Let me know if you're looking for someone. I'll check this thread when I remeber, but easier to reach me in game.