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    Sea God.

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    I am oceanic, over 70% of the planet is mine. I am everywhere.

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    Monsters Inc
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    Roman Empire

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  1. I can't find it either, can we have a dark theme back please?
  2. Much prefer the dark theme. My eyes thanks you for implementing this.
  3. There there, thats better.
  4. Apart from the spelling police dropping by, this is a very constructive post.
  5. I have created a surrender thread for you :)

  6. I am god of the sea. Worship me.

  7. nooo. don't eat my tech. you're evil.

  8. NOn nom nom, I am eating your tech. Go check.....see I told you.

  9. o/ Rome Hail the Empire. Bow to us. :)

  10. Yes, we are "The World"

    This calls for a full-bar cruise around "The World", delivering beers to all our brothers.

    I salute you from across "The World"!

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