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  1. All moot now. Next TE is in a couple of months according to the in game announcement. Why wait so long? Just another nail in the CN coffin IMHO.
  2. Busy week. You caught us sooner than we anticipated, but we'll take it. Making us hold hands with NLoN was a little unexpected though lol. Quite funny really. Anyways onward to death and destruction.Let's have a good war.
  3. Sure thing. Peace as of update 9/9/17. No further declares. Fixed your quote HG.
  4. It is not a cheap shot, we never agreed to end the war, we were close but there was never an agreement. If you want peace you better ask for it and not start saying you've won and other stupid !@#$ when you haven't. If you'd beaten us, then clearly we wouldn't be capable of fighting on would we. Ask for peace nicely here or by pm without the wild clams and !@#$ talk and we'll grant it. Till then we fight on. Simple's.
  5. The Gentleman's Accord you cite is for when a war is over. Its not. You'll get your seven days when it is. Much like some posters and some of your members disagreed with my trying the state it was a No Blockade war, telling me I can't dictate the terms etc. Well, you can't tell me when the wars over. NLoN has been claiming they've won etc etc well we disagree. To prove that we're fighting on. I never agreed that this war was over. It was discussed, but not agreed. Do even try an spin it - that way.
  6. I feel a song coming on. Will you sing for us NLoN after another round of wars?
  7. General consensus seems to be that blockades should be allowed - and since they've been carried out and continued after Roman Empires requests for them not to be used. Roman Empire hereby endorses blockades, blockade away.
  8. That didn't take long did it. To: Ningkeptune From: Caspase Date: 9/2/2017 12:08:09 AM Subject: Naval Blockade Message: A naval blockade has been placed against your nation. This blockade will reduce your next tax collection by 6.69%. Together with any previous blockades your next tax collection will be reduced by a total of 6.69%. Any existing peace offers that were on the table have been automatically canceled.
  9. Roman Empire hereby declares war on NLoN Our plan is set out below. Pre War Stats No dirty Spy Ops, No Blockades. Open Season on Blockades You've got this warning so no whining either please.
  10. This is gonna hurt. But it'll be worth it. Good luck all.
  11. Peace Terms 1. Bend over. 2. Grab ankles. 3. Prepare (Is this even possible) 4. Start biting the pillow.
  12. Bit late chiming in here due to RL, been playing by phone and didn't have forum pw. Anyways moving on.... I share the majority's sentiment here, NLoN, you should be ashamed. Crushing you to dust is gonna feel that much more righteous following your despicable actions. We're gonna make you sing - perhaps "this time" you'll learn - sure gonna be fun educating you. Also, glad to see the camaraderie and team work going in to this and past disagreements pushed aside. A big thank you to L_H for doing RE such great service as public speaker, and to RR for your continued s
  13. Better you stop typing RR, you're loosing control of your faculties. All that flailing around while you type is making your posts incomprehensible.
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