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  1. All moot now. Next TE is in a couple of months according to the in game announcement. Why wait so long? Just another nail in the CN coffin IMHO.
  2. I can't find it either, can we have a dark theme back please?
  3. Much prefer the dark theme. My eyes thanks you for implementing this.
  4. There there, thats better.
  5. Apart from the spelling police dropping by, this is a very constructive post.
  6. I have created a surrender thread for you :)

  7. Me too, I RE too. /prepares vats of boiling tar. come visit.
  8. [quote name='Coverzin' date='12 July 2010 - 06:07 PM' timestamp='1278932848' post='2367981'] We would be happy to take you in if you feel that three people are needed. However, at this point, declaring war on Carpatus is a [b]replacement for the shortcomings of my member(s).[/b] [/quote] There, I fixed it for you.
  9. [quote name='Coverzin' date='12 July 2010 - 03:11 PM' timestamp='1278922299' post='2367921'] It may look the same, however, the blood of a free man is a sign of life where that of a Roman is a sign of wasted desire. [/quote] The only desire we were able to detect from your nations was that of your women. Your soldiers showed them the way, saw us and then ran away. Left the poor things lost and bewildered. Anyway were takin good care of them and they're doing the dishes.
  10. No your blood looks the same, Carp already cleaned some off his shoes. In fact he grabbed one of you women and made her clean them. She said she preferred boots herself. Edit-: Added a smiley. I don't want anyone to cry.
  11. No need to be sorry about the map, I put it back for you. Also did your artist trip over while painting that flag? Looks like he felt right into it.
  12. OP, I'm impressed, you manged to put together a coherent sentence whilst sucking on your own feet, both of them. Well done. However there will be at least two reasons for your demise. First, I fear your war and nation building skills will be below the standards required to defeat our Fearless Leader Carpatus. Secondly, your map shows you located alongside France everyone knows what that means. Hail rome o/ Edit-: Put the map back please, it make my second point meaningless - kinda like your alliance. Second Edit-: This is the map I was referring too, much better than that fl
  13. To warz, good luck all except the enemy obviously. o/Corp
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