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  1. Rogue? I am no rogue. I am a jihadi, a soldier of Allah. And you are an infidel under my six day old nation's boot.
  2. Friends, I came out of retirement just to whomp some Legion ass. Let's dance. But in two days. My back, you know.
  3. Not surprisingly, Hitchcock is lying again. So anyway, flash forward to the "kashmir declares on their former Protecterate- for us being 'terrible' micros". Nobody ever said this. It was because they declared on SRA when we told them not to. And when we got them white peace, they violated that again. They also called the Kashmiri aiding them "morons". They said that we're a bunch of do-nothings who sit on the sidelines. This as we were giving them military, financial, and diplomatic aid to clean up their mess of Biblical proportions for the 50th time in a row. They know that full well and clearly want to avoid bringing light to it. They were angry that Kashmir didn't mobilize its military to fight a large coalition of alliances who we had no quarrel with and some of which were our own allies. We put our necks on the line by supporting them in this fight, me more than anyone else. I even resigned from my government position in Kashmir to help them. And guess what, it was still IC and we rolled with it. However in the course of the war Layton decided to report messages he "found offensive" which is absolute Bs because after the stuff he posted in our own aa announcements there wasn't anything we could send to "offend" Jack- but he reported it and from admins standpoint there was valid reason to ban our members and they did. We lost two awesome, active members- roochi- who had a really well built, wonder heavy nation and then we lost zombinator who was fun to BS with. It's one thing when among friends and your own (or a friendly) AA that you say some vulgar things in jest to each other. It's quite another when one of those messages instructed me and several others to "die in a housefire" and the other tried to pose as an in-game war message (which is expressly forbidden). Did I report those messages? You bet I did. And for both of those nations, it was their first warns. Both nations made the mistake of pulling the same BS with multiple other nations who also reported them after the fact, likely not knowing how many times they'd already been reported. They were deleted because of their own stupidity, not because of any malevolence on my part. They didn't need to send those messages to multiple people. They made that mistake and they paid the price. If they had been intelligent enough to send those messages just to me, they'd have had one warn each and still been here today. To make matters worse, Jack then messages our members bragging about their deletions and that's when our IC role turned into an OOC F):& you role. I take great pride in my environmentalism and helping to rid the world of trash. I like to spread a Green message. And that's why we won't budge an inch for those pieces of $:&/. Margrave can report all he wants- it's really all he's got left to do sense we've made it our responsibility to kick the !@#$ out of him and layton. So when they are asking for us to 'to surrender' our response will always be "F/&@ off" Not working well for them, don't you think? Hitchcock has reached 9NS and they've all been sanctioned on most colours with more to come. Their alliance went from over 1 million NS to less than 30,000NS in a matter of a month or two. They're fighting several large alliances who are supported by even bigger alliances. All of whom are tired of MInc's crap. If they think that either me or Margrave are hurting in this, maybe Hitchcock needs to lay off the free drugs he tried to bribe Margrave with in exchange for peace on IRC. Hey, does that violate the TOS? As for the ridiculous point of not defeating anyone without using moderation. How many nations were in MInc the day before Kashmir declared war? How many are in there now? All of these guys have run their mouths too much and for too long and now there is a lineup of alliances who want a piece. It just so happens that we're at the front of the buffet. Whether they surrender or not is of no consequence to me. They'll still be a crater the next day and every day after that. You can delude yourself with your own BS, Hitchcock, but not anyone else.
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