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Merry Christmas

Rush Sykes

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I have made my list, checked it twice, now the day has arrived.

Gifts to all the good (and bad) little boys and girls who stroked my ego by replying to my thread.



Saxplayer: The complete history of Cybernations Blu-Ray collection: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Cybernations


ATLAS: A reminder of what you strive to become: 





JGoods: You are special, so you get a very special gift.




TLR: A TARDIS so you may return to the days of yesteryear when you had hyper-activity in the alliance.


Mogar: A new place with which to make your pseudo-moralistic rants.



Rey : A one year membership to the Tywinn Lannister fan club.


NOMNOMNOM : A dinner befitting your name.



Gibsonator21 : Relevance equal to that of Omniscient1 ( I would give you the war with me, but you are too small and in PM)


Margrave : You get an IOU... as soon as the holidays are over I will give you an in depth review of Kashmir. You have my word.


The Warrior : A picture of yourself/



Xoin: I dont know you very well, and your name doesnt really mean anything... so this is a total stab in the dark....



Nordreich : Finer mustaches then even KingZog's for the whole alliance.


Mi6 : A book that you desperately need:



Sengoku: Your very own booth at Comic Con.


RIA : An FA Path that does not involve Polar (unless of course Polar actually decides to PLAY the game not just soak up honor.)


Mister Black : Another difficult one, because I literally do not know you. But everyone looks dapper in one of these...



Berbers : I really dont know you well enough to assign anything of a personal nature nor am I aware of your interestes. But surely you like steak Everyone loves steak. So...




Dcrews : So you can get a more clear view of why Valhalla's stance on this war is indefensible:




Geerland : A covert name change to Beerland. You will have much more fun.


NPO: This state of the art food production facility:



Doomsquad : Success worthy of the MK 2.0 (unfair really) title that your alliance receives.


Duke Nukem: The fall of Captain Planet.


Dochtaraigh : A second coming of Thriller.


Saladjoe : a name change to ribeyesteakjoe it would instantly improve you by 400%.


James Spanier:L You asked for it.



Baltus : Especially for you baby.. please say yes.



iamthey : I think you need more fun. And not many things are more fun than this:



TOP: A full time return of Ardus so you have someone who can at least put forth enough of a charisma to make you not seem so stale. 


Unknown Smurf: A 12 step program to separate you from your constant need to think that you must always be looking for the angle to start the next global war.


H2BKs : When I was a manager at Burger King, we had a grilled chicken sandwich called a BK broiler. In fast food vernacular , when you needed them cooked ,  you would ask for BKs. Your name reminds me of the times that people said "I need 2 BKs" so in honor of that:



Kerschbs : The strength and will to make Mi6 better.


Infinite Citadel: A new suit. You're going to like the way you look, I guarantee it.



Vlad : Round 2 with GOD. It was your finest hour.


tayloj7: Raid Targets a no go, mostly because Mrs. Claus will not give me the free time. But Sir Hoppington has been good.




GPF : A personality so I might know who you actually are.


SRA: Maybe the asses would scream less if you had some of these:




TheBigBad : This should help.





Thanks and a Merry Christmas to each and every one of you. Have a safe and happy holiday.

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