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    All will be One with Order

    God, has a hard-on for Pacificans.. because we nuke, everything we see. And always remember this, cybernations may die as it has not been well cared for. But, Pacifica lives forever and that means YOU, as a Pacifican, live forever. Also RIP Gunny.
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    Wolves have Claws too!

    Dragons and wolves.. in a pack.. I hope you guys have a good fire department, lint and flame has never gone well together. *Chortle* All the same, congrats.
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    The Brewers Sucks Accords

    Congrats I & G.
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    1. They were in their own way. There was no singular cause to that entire mess. There were many problems at the top. You're right, the loss of Dilber and Philosopher was a setback. I question your definition of competence. A competent person does not disregard the sources of information at its disposal because the information is inconvenient to one's whims. 2. Speaking from within. I know that Triyun and Vektor both influenced this hubris and helped grow it. 3. You weren't the only group that needed paid attention to and Triyun and Vektor clearly weren't listening to anyone but themselves in that regard, but agreed that TOP was neglected, but I think you greatly underestimate Triyun and Vektor's role in that. They were heavilly lackluster in their performance. The claimed labor where little was seen. Thus, as you said, TOP's feeling of neglect. 4. Please note, you said Moo and his gang of Cronies.. of which inexorably.. Vektor and Triyun were just that. Since they left I have never seen any other legates ignore the reports of their subordinates in such a manner. You could say it's one of the lessons the order took to heart in the war. 5. Vektor and Triyun were fools who knew I joined just before and sacrificed much in Karma for our order while they fled to the safety of other homes. I served in my capacity quite well, it's not my fault they were too foolish and headstrong to heed warning or read the reports they had me generate. Perhaps if they had, maybe Top would have actually HAD some attention and maybe even the war might have been reconsidered. But no, they had their agenda, they pressed it, and they got our collective butts handed to us. Their resentment only grew when I pointed out their very personal roles in helping bring that war about so their judgement.. ahem.. not exactly clear headed or unbiased and intentionally intended to harm. My rants have always been megalomania-cal.. if they're not I'm sick. And yes, you did do just that (telling us to take a hike). I still enjoyed getting my revenge later, crater. 6. You're actually doing better than Cent.. who is the one I have a greater qualm with. You never were one to mock.. But Cent.. Oh how I loved cratering him. I was just using you as a point of comparison as I fought you and he not long apart.. if not simultaneously during equilibrium for a brief period. You went inactive and are still out pacing him in recover. Perhaps he's gone inactive too. I'm like you, I only hold grudges against horrible human beings.. and there are at least 3. Lets just say that if either of the other two had been able to be targeted during equilibrium I'd have been after them as well. I take great pride in the work and contributions i've given since those days, when others fled and I stood firm. One thing I may say that they may not, almost everyone in the Order would agree it wouldn't have been the same without me.. and that's why I couldn't give any care for what you or any other think of my role within my group or this game. You don't have to tell me my history. I lived it with my brothers and sisters. Twilight years? Moribund game? I've been in this position for almost a good 2-3 years now at the very least. It's still here. These sounds like the justification of one who does not want to see their fall in a clearer light. 7. It's not dead yet. You can still bring new life here, it's just apparently people've forgotten how. Or perhaps they've just lost the will to fight. Also, if I don't hold grudges.. it's hard to take enjoyment out of annihilating someone. I feel.. more satisifed.. when there is equal weight moral imperative to destroying my targets. You just happened to be an alliance leader, a trophy to collect. Other targets i have a more visceral taste for. There've even been a few targets whom I held in high regard that I literally held my nose while nuking because I would rather have stayed their allies, but sometimes the will of the world doesn't shape out the way needed to grant one such luxuries. Good seeing you around again.
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    Old Fart needs home

    Don't listen to the doom sayers, they're the ones killing bob.. and only because they can't breathe life into their part of Bob *chortle*. I am starting to recruit people to join... prepare to watch Pacifica get even stronger. Callin you slackers out. Do the work.. the world only dies if you let it.
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    to the NPO

    You are more than welcome to join him on the porcelain dais.. if you want a quick way out of it.
  7. Maelstrom Vortex

    The NPO is buying $30 donations: 36M or 1200T

    Illegal grave dig is illegal, please destroy.
  8. Maelstrom Vortex

    to the NPO

    Why, pigs of course. A farm in my Empire. If you are offended by the choice of meats I will happily make a throne of roast beef instead.
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    <Begin Salt> I despised Triyun. He and Vektor and others had the gall to mock my inefficiency and say I'd never be a power. (Probably because I kept reminding them of how much of total failures they were for disregarding my work.). I wish they had remained around to annihilate. I at least got a hold of Centurius before he bailed. They (Tri and Vek) CAUSED Karma. I can tell you internally I warned them about Karma and they did NOTHING to prevent it. I was over Aqua-sphere at the time and predicted the outbreak of hostilities at least a month in advance. The report still exists somewhere in the depths our forums I hope. They were so full of self-interest that their personal political goals were all that mattered and in the end they lived a coward's existence on "retirement aa's". They knew I was coming for them when they left the order and I started gaining strength. If They'd succeeded NPO would likely be wrecked.. and they were also part of the toxicity that lead to this world's decline.. so IMHO, good riddance. Dragons are vengeful bastards when you tell them they're scrawny and they grow up on you. So @Centurius Just have to ask.. how's your efficiency doing? Dismantled you and @Crymson in tandem.. .. them were the good days. Looks like he's even beating you in the recovery race. In doing my duty I never cared much for my pixels, but others would always remind me how much they were valued to them. You could say that war was my Karma War. </end salt>
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    Blast from the past

    A glorious one at that.
  11. Maelstrom Vortex

    to the NPO

    I'm trustworthy.. please.. come have dinner with me and we can talk it over. You can sit on the raised porcelain dais, upon a throne of bacon, on the elevated platform at the center of my chambers next to the masterful reflective steel art pieces provided by our best artists.
  12. Ahh.. the good ole days of storming beaches with Umbrellas swaying in the winds.
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    A new power rises

    You can't be revived if you never died.. 10 years and counting. #Winning #Endure #Pacifica Zigur's conclusions are only true at the micro level. General CN genera macro relativity does not mesh with its quantum micro states. You can dismiss and marginalize recent events as much you like. I've rather enjoyed the last four years of staring down my nostrils at food. Until this year, it had been a time of feasting. Now I can't even get a decent meal because the vast plains of Bob have been over-hunted. #PacificanButWiggleDance ^^ I flaunt my tail in your general direction.
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    Blast from the past

    @GDI Crossfire I'm still here.. admit it, tis really all that matters. Piffle.. TPF didn't comply with the world view and got annihilated. Anything else is propaganda.
  15. Jesbro is right. I'd help him.. but well.. that'd start a much larger kerfuffle. *picks at his teeth* Fortunately I believe he and his friends have this well in hand.
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    MHA Declaration of War

    Bring back Jesbro, he was funnier.
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    Transdimensional Invasion

    Unexpected Consequence..... Maelstrom stepped through the portal to once again perform his scouting missions. This time the purpose of the mission was a mystic survey.. to determine the full magical potential of this new Earth. He found a comfortable place on a bench.. and let his mind drift into the primal void. Suddenly, something connected with him.. a vision. He was looking through another set of eyes, but they felt like his own. He also wasn't in control of them. The entity when it looked at itself appeared to have black scales with green corruption of blight upon them. And when he looked at those around, they had startling resemblances to Maelstrom's own family and friends. He was suddenly aware of another intelligence in his own mind. He became aware of a seemingly endless hunger. A voice cried out in a hiss, "Who are you?" He became aware of the eyes that were looking outwards closing, and suddenly looking in as two firey red eyes gazed upon him.. eyes not much like his own which glowed like radiation.. That was enough to startle him out of his meditation and he looked around in shock. "What was that?" He panted panicked. One of his aides nearby came to steady him as he had almost fallen out of his chair. "You alright, man?" The pink scaled dragon named Strawberries Delight inquired. It was always hard to take Strawberries seriously, but if you didn't he'd get offended. He was a long time friend of Maelstrom's from his days as a hatch-ling on Istaria and had served loyally as the Empire's Royal Cook. "I'm.. not sure. Something like me.. is out there.. So like me we share the same mental wavelength of primal energy. Our minds just touched." Maelstrom was somewhat in shock. Strawberries looked at him in an incredulous manner, something that didn't make him any more easily taken seriously. "Another you?" Maelstrom nodded. Too stunned to appreciate the expression. The severity of the implications were immense. There was a parallel version of himself HERE.. in this new universe.. and it was blight stricken and corrupt. Worse, they both knew each other were present now. "Yes.. and he is now aware I am here. Worse.. he seems to have a craving for power that makes mine look trivial by comparison." "That's not good man. If you were any more ambitious you'd probably be kinda dangerous, no offense." Strawberries observed. "A'na.. I know... This does not bode well if it also has anything near my assets..." "What do we do?" The pink scaled dragon with blue eyes tilted its head. "We have to continue. We don't have much choice. We'll have to prepare for if it comes for me."
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    Transdimensional Invasion

    Maelstrom had lead Dragonisia back to independence. He headed a movement for autonomy, a gentle break away from the empire that had seized most of Asia.. and restored its old domains. But he wearied of this world and knew it was slowly in the process of rotting from its many wars and radioactive fallout. He initiated a program to use Istarian portal technology to find valid alternate instances of Bob/Earth that may support life and the citizens of the Empire. It would be a very long project.The first part of his project, would be to open a portal home. He would need more tinker gnomes and that was the only place to get them. Istaria was his home of origin, though he served the Dragon Star Empire in this realm, he had not been born among them and collaboration with them had always been intended as a stepping stone to greater projects. He stepped back through an old portal that had been long covered in a tarp. Once he went back on Istaria he looked for the two gnomes that had forged his first portal off of Istaria to Sigil, the city of doors. Tank and Gild, had been servants of his A'meo, (Father) Stratus. His appearance took them by great suprise as they still worked in his old lab. "Maelstrom? Holy.. by Telak! We thought we'd never see you again! Your father has been getting your messages, but.. " "It's good to see you again too Tank." Maelstrom smiled. "You look so different, is it true you're ruling an empire on another world?" Gild stated as he stared at Maelstrom's stately uniform. "It is, and we need your help. Our world is dieing. It is time to move on." Mael stated. Tank was confused about something, "But.. your eyes are glowing green, almost like they're filled with blight, are you okay?" Maelstrom shook his head. "Reincarnated repeatedly after being hit by to many weapons the hominids on Bob call nukes. Radiation from it can make things glow an eerie green. It may subside in time, but I'm likely stuck like this forever. If it weren't for the gift and the bind to the plane of life energies, I'd be long dead." The two gnomes looked at each other and looked back to him, "So.. what do you need us to do?" Maelstrom sighed, "We're doing a dimensional survey. We have to find a new candidate for a world to jump to. So the first thing we will need is an observation portal, and then we'll need a full on gate. Time is not critical, the decay of Bob is slow, but the matter should be treated with some urgency in the event it accelerates. I have everything you need on the other side. Hopefully the world I will be moving to will be a little less on war, a little more on magic attunement to the mystic planes.. so let A'meo, A'mea, A'meo by Bond and A'mea by Bond know that I am moving and they may wish to come with me, but if they do not I understand. Istaria's not all that bad, if you like.. endless warfare between life and death. Once you've done that, I'll meet you on the other side." He stepped back through. The gnomes set to their business. Maelstrom waited. Petram had risen and fallen, Orbis was an invasion in progress, a dieing Bob had him 7th in the world and dominated by his alliance and its allies.. but that wasn't enough for this Emperor. He always, ever, had his sights on the stars and what was beyond them. In Franco's name, he will order the stars again.
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    MHA Declaration of War

    Jealous.. I don't get any fish.
  20. Maelstrom Vortex

    Anyone around from the Old Days?

    *raises claw* Here... Everyone keep periodically checking in.. we can't go crazy as we become more and more isolated.
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    The Complaints and Grievances Union

    @rsoxbronco1 Since you are still fielding our complaints and grievances... I'm hungry and haven't had a decent snack in a long time. Who can I eat?
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    A new power rises

    Pretty much... I've been lacking in a decent meal since the Umbrella conflict. Eating interns is becoming boring to my palate.
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    A new power rises

    He'd probably say little and just feed you all to me. *Misses Bilrow snacks.* Fortunately, @bart416 and @Antiega have done pretty good making sure I still have a sufficient supply of interns, babies, and deplorable anti-npo political prisoners.
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    Transdimensional Invasion

    Approaching the Council The room was filled with the representatives of many races, sexes, and origins; from many planes of existence,. These persons had migrated to or become citizens of, by choice or by conquest, the Dragon Empire of Dragonisia (or so that was what the bipedal races called it). It smelled of sweet steam, the usage of e-cigarettes in the main building was not forbidden and about a third of the Council of 42 members still smoked. Snifters of wine or soda and documents littered their desks. They had been addressing the daily affairs of the state, allocations for defense and domestic spending. Local disputes between provinces over the use of sectors of land on shared borders. There was a slight din in the air as a gold Dragonborn from Faerun took to the podiums. Sentry, the gilded head of council, spoke to his peers in Eliert Erdoten.. also known as High Imperial Dragon language, "We enter grave times with the radiation of past wars having left much of Bob fallow. It's nations flee what is becoming an increasingly stale existence.. whether by simple inability to grow in its environs, or due to fear of the hegemony to which we have bound our selves. The prior concerns are already affecting our economy as each day the price of food commodities among unpolluted produce rises. We are headed towards an unsustainable state unless Bob manages to somehow save itself through natural cycle or act of Admin. We fortunately have an outpost on Orbis, if all else fails, that continues to expand. However, it may not be enough to account for all citizens in the Empire. In that line we have commissioned a search for new worlds, parallel universe, planes, or planets where we may make our presence known in relative safety, Our Emperor has a report today on its progress. Without further delay, his Majesty." The anthem for Dragonisia played as the Emperor, in his khuitit form.. wearing black duster, blue formal shirt with gilded star on its center, blue pants, black belt and golden chains walked down the middle walkway towards the Podium. He almost never wore truly formal attire to any event, but he still wore the many symbols of his people, including the chains of imperial responsibility. Enchanted flintlocks rest in holsters on his hip. He was the only entity who was not disarmed before entering the council chambers. This was only due to the assassination of his vizier on the chamber floors many years past using a mere pencil. He was escorted by the Imperial Guard, a mix of races though primarily Eilert He stood before the council, and the press had been forbidden to cover this particular address until the matter had been settled, "Representatives of Dragonisia, as many of you know when I first came to Bob.. I did so with a knowledge of the planes and inter-planar portals as developed by my father with the aid of gnomes upon the world of Istaria. This technology has allowed us opportunities most nations have not had the blessing to enjoy. We have spanned as many as.. " He actually had to stop to count a moment in his head, it was not a pre-scripted speech, "six worlds. One abandoned, one so heavily exploited nothing was left but crumbs, one lost to the dragon wars caused by the native dragons of that world.. Now we reside on two. For me, two is insufficient to guarantee our survival. In our efforts, the portal team has discovered a new viable earth variant, like Bob. We have designated it MC-42, after the name of the city in which the portal was first opened.. and the last two characters of the parallel universe subset to which it belonged. The world is healthy... full of life.. and like my world of origin, Istaria, is full of magic." At the mention of magic, the Helian members of the council began to murmur for they had been out of touch with the primal forces of nature for so very long it could not help but cause intrigue. "Feel free to ask questions in pauses as I give this report, if you need." The murmur rose to loud conversation, but non one directly addressed Maelstrom Sentry slammed the gavel at his desk a few times, "Order, we will have order as the Emperor Speaks!" Maelstrom continued as silence fell, "It is well defended by a good and noble people who have eagerly shared with me descriptions of its political climate, history, woes, and triumphs. It is not a perfect world by any means, but for now it is better than what we have." A dwarf named Flint on the defense subcommittee stood abruptly and spoke up in shock, "You've been there already?! Ye went alone?! Are you out of your mind?! You can't take those kind of risks the people will be in turmoil if you were harmed or killed! The fact you went alone could cause some distress at your recklessness!." Sentry slammed the gavel a few times as the out burst once again stirred emotions through the chamber. "Right honorable councilman," Maelstrom politely addressed his critic, "We pre-screened and sampled the world's fauna, flora, and micro-biome before I departed. We assessed its political environment, its culture, and verified the languages it most commonly used via remote survey. Fortunately, the dominant language is strikingly similar to Bob's variant of English. I do not take unnecessary risks and I felt this was something I must do personally due to the delicate diplomatic state of affairs when encountering these parallel entities. I am well traveled of the many worlds and planes and it made me most suited to this task. There are none in our forces who have traveled the planes as I have. It had to be done this way." The explanation seemed for the moment to placate Flint, who was re-known as a firebrand politician. With a bit of a sigh Maelstrom resumed his report, "Most of this world is already populated, but the technology for moon colonies and bases are not beyond its people and some have been abandoned since its version of a cold war. The Russian government of this world is seeking to sell an old moon base at auction. There are a number of private and state enterprises who have demonstrated interest. I propose we open embassies to this realm, establish formal diplomatic relations, and buy that base. The people there are not surprised, shocked, or impressed by inter-dimensional, parallel, or planar travel. They have witnessed it all. I suspect, MC-42 is a dimensional nexus of a sort. They're generally open to relations with extra-planar governments and entities." A Githyank councilman, who had migrated from the planes observed, "It sounds like the city of doors made-over." Maelstrom nodded to Sirruth, "I cannot discount that comparison. The entities here are of such power that they are what other world's inhabitants might consider gods. Some even claim to be actual gods or servants thereof. In my time there I even met a servant of Bahamut named Allastor. I intend to get to know him and his history better. I am not sure how he came to that world as of yet.. but it clearly shows this world is plane touched already. It is because of those facts we need to start recruiting the powered entities of those planes to facilitate the protection of the Empire and its cause to spread Order and Peace to any reality which it touches. The aides are handing out to you my plan for this incursion. If the council approves we will move on it within the week." The 50 page document was passed around. In summary, it laid out a plan to inhabit the moon and procure land on the other world via purchase and if necessary use the world's extremely high level of magic, technology, and powered beings to fabricate demi-planes for the Empire's citizens to occupy. It budgeted the cost of one moon base and four 20 MT nuclear meteor/asteroid interceptors to protect it that the Russians would be asked to supply with the base. It would be paid for in the universal currency.. gold. The council would convene and reconvene for days discussing the ambitious scope of the plans. Maelstrom, in the meantime, planned to continue his scouting expeditions fairly certain of his safety on that world.
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    A Farewell to Arms

    The micros are teasing my nostrils with their low level smoldering fighting.