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    Purdy big on artistic Chainsaw accidents. Tasteful 8x10 glossies only pls.

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  1. Just came to pay my respects... rest in peace, old friend.

  2. HalfEmpty

    The Status Quo

    Mogar keeps me going. He has the good lead trade, and kept me from getting stomped in an ill-advised tech raid 100 years ago.
  3. Size for size Poison Clan/NG are the best fighters around. Trust me on this, I got 2 million Tango Uniform from those guys. Wait a second, I mean NEW is in the same league tho, and Kaskus since they have GanTan X. I'd join Poison Clan except I would'nt get to fight them. Hate you all for long time. Send money when you get work. Chinatown Bus where are you?
  4. HalfEmpty

    The 'C' word

    Don't know you well, but I know Cancer. Give yourself up to the system and give them your trust. Chemo and Radiation have made remarkable progress in just the last five years and you can live a semi-normal life during treatment. After surgery is a bear tho, don't be afraid use the good stuff, it works! Watch out for the rehab man tho, sometimes if you cuss loud enough they will go away for a few hours and leave you in peace to enjoy the good stuff. For dawgs sake get an iPad.
  5. This ruins the sense of political fervor that often marked some previous wars. Well said, and well remembered. Was Karma the last of the great wars?
  6. Damn fine summation post. Would rate higher, but I am not certain on which side you are on.
  7. Well, if I was to lead Non Grata, I would consider reconciling with The Order of the Phoenix in order to prepare for a revenge hit on IRON for their betrayal. It is evident to me that you are not really ChinaTownBus, thus you cannot reconcile withe the Order of the Phoenix. We only work New York-Boston $25.00. Altho I am always open to discussing terms with Twisted Types. We can bring in NEW to moderate the discussion. /GanTanX
  8. Must agree with jerdge a job is a job, even if it's a damn job. Poor form.
  9. Generals and Admirals are obtained thru fighting points? If so this might be a nice leg up for new players.
  10. My gawd you've Escaped from Planet InfoCom! Remember to always hold the Llama Chow.
  11. Echo most of the above, superior work, in particular an excellent color combination.
  12. Sleeping at night is a running joke.
  13. If it means I have to eat sprouts and destroy the AC to avoid the Killer Warming then I'll pass. Is it something different? Perhaps a Post-Malthusian something? Oceans with no fish, fish with no ocean, sprout shortages, no dancing, no cards and a general lack of any slack or fat then count me out.
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