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    Purdy big on artistic Chainsaw accidents. Tasteful 8x10 glossies only pls.

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    Nieuw Phoenix Ordung
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  1. Just came to pay my respects... rest in peace, old friend.

  2. Hi Doch! Stay in the pool, Sharks will get thicker.
  3. Good Admin, is this what it has come to? Micro drama gets 5 pages in 24 hrs? Get 'em Rayvon (yes I wrote that)
  4. I miss Poson Clan, dang they were fun to tussle with. Sort of like a knife fight over the Thanksgiving Table. Twist, you still out there? . Ima dropping fast! .
  5. Awe JR, ?Ima with Mogar, 6 million 100 tech?
  6. Lol My esteemed colleague from the defunct AA PC is sadly lacking in vermitim. As TPF found out the hard way a NAP is a NAP until until one side sez it ain't no more. That said, PC was my best frienimies. I miss CTB, this Bruce guy, tho, what alliance did he jump from this time? I sense anger and perhaps twatery, difficult to say, he's always hidden behind large skirts. Umbrella is his destiny, DoomBirds have standards, and don't allow overbuilt twaters.
  7. I have a new RnR War friend who likes to fight ! Ima thinker he wants a a nuke, but no, no no, those are for my three besties from NPO. Still if I have leftovers..... Maybe RnR still cool in my Skool.
  8. You got a problem with NPO? Bag up and fight! Got a problem with Ron? Bag up and fight! Our time isn't long here, time to stop neo-urking and get after it. 10,000 posts with a broken neck still sez Ima forum pussy. Got a problem with me or TPF? Drop me a line and I will reserve a slot.
  9. For me it was the Great Waiting For Liquid Mercury War. He never showed. TPF got another beat-down, but LM et. Al. Did send cash after the war, so we got that going for us.
  10. I guess in the end it doesn't matter. I always said that I liked NPO because they brought us good wars. Well, luckily you still are. ======================================================================================== Gotta to love it. It's been a good war so far, fighting at civil hours should be mandatory, that Ryan Christopher not playing by civilized rule. It's time NPO, we are obsolete and need replacing, we had a good long run tho. 0/NPO may you live forever!
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