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  1. PrincessKitty

    From TDO, To All

    I luv it
  2. Cowboy, are you someone important?????
  3. Defcon 1: Four 20k+, Four 15-20k, Four 10-15k, Six 5-10k, Eight 0-5k 14 MP's, 17 SDI's New League of DALEK Nations: One 20k+, ZERO 15-20k, Six 10-15k, Sixteen 5-10k, Six 0-5k 10 MP's, 6 SDI's This also makes a Kitty who just got nukes pissy! To the la muerte de Defcon 1!!!!!!
  4. PrincessKitty

    Summer Just Got More Interesting

    13 went to peace mode, another 20 inactive. NADC is Sooooo brave. Lmfao at Neptune, he sorta just owned you Ceres.
  5. PrincessKitty

    A Citadel Announcement

    Mmmmmmmm baby hurt Alexio good
  6. PrincessKitty

    Nations in TE

    2008-2012 people just did whatever they felt like 2012-now I showed up and it went to shit
  7. PrincessKitty

    Avengers Announcement

    DT hasn't said anything........ :(
  8. PrincessKitty

    IREC DoW

    Go get em!
  9. PrincessKitty

    Avengers Announcement

    Actually a decent war. Good declare, Avengers
  10. PrincessKitty

    A Citadel DoW

    I find it funny how you didn't answer the obvious question of hitting NM. Stat padding? Just out of war?
  11. PrincessKitty

    The Dark Order DoW

  12. PrincessKitty

    Free Agent Season

    Actually everyone wins
  13. PrincessKitty

    Free Agent Season

    Mi6 didn't want me. I asked many times to be their beloved leader, but they didn't want to win this game
  14. PrincessKitty

    A Citadel DoW

    Filling the bottom half? Dude, most of our guys just fought Roman Empire. We are broke ass bitches. Add NLON if they wanted to fill their lower half. Or alpha Wolves. Its okay, I get out of anarchy tommorow, Ill be visiting your lower half, citadel.