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  1. wet boys in the hood go yaht yaht yeet

  2. So this is 2015, GTA 5 came out a year and a half ago, one of the greatest games to date. Yet here we are, yapping about that alliance sucks, that alliance should die, that alliance should be rolled. What is the point? We are ruling fictional nations and trying to be powerful. LOL. So I have been thinking about it, why is it we care so much? I have a few ideas, including my reason. Please post your reason or thoughts on it. -Low Self Esteem. This game is an escape from the Real World. This is a reason I play. I hate the real world, it sucks big you-know-who. So I come here to have some fun, escape the horrors of everyday life. Actually CN may take up my time, I am really improving and I think CN helps me mature IRL. I can take out my immaturity here instead, it really helps thanks for putting up with me, guys.Typcially trolls and active members of the community. -Power Thirst. The good old looking for power and you really cant be in a postion of power in GTA yelling at 12 year olds.They will own you. Anyway, these guys are usually have dick bosses IRL and come here to get power. Typically seen in Alliance Leaders and some Goverment. I think those are the two main reasons, why do you play? What other reasons are there?
  3. my nutz r swellin, is dat bad? they feel good in ma hand, tho
  4. beutiful story I almost cried. Bob is lucky to have u!
  5. Outstanding! 10/10! Marvleous! The Truth shall be set free! Order will be restored, people. Cuba will be defeated in the end. -Tywin is one of the greatest Top Politcal Writers of all time. He stands up against Tyranny with no fear. He is truly the most imporant and crucial part of containing and ultimley destroying Lulzism and Restoring Order. All Hail Tywin!
  6. Is there a tywin assianation by any chance?
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