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Fans of micro-drama may recall the Talvisota War of February 2013, wherein 5 nations from Hooligans joined the Red Asses on the eve of their war with R&R, leading R&R to attack the Screaming Red Asses.
During the intervening year and a half since that conflict, the Red Asses have uncovered information regarding the incident that have shed light upon those events -- information not entirely favorable to SRA.  While we are not the type of alliance that simply makes up one way treaties with other alliances*, we are taking this opportunity to unilaterally amend the Peace of Ass agreement between the Red Asses and R&R to reflect the following addition:
The particulars of the 3/5th clause are depicted in the following classic cinematic offering, starring Marlon Brando as EgoFreaky and, in an obvious piece of typecasting, some old, skinny, bald guy as Walsh the Beloved:
(Click link^^^)
R&R: we owe you one (or 3/5th of one, as the case may be).  Let us know.
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Even though i wasnt in SRA at the time, i will put my nation to the sword for RnR should i need to as i feel i personally owe them a favour myself.


o/ RnR

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Good to see, I've always had a favorable opinion of Walsh and SRA; this only further confirms they are good people. Even if having a conscience can be a pain in ass at time, its always good to have one.

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An honorable response from the Screaming Red Ampersands.


It appears the community has served R&R with a summons.  Will they take their day in court?


Poorly constructed metaphors for the win!


Anyway, love ya R&R.

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