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  1. Luckao

    Sheep inc

    During an interview with Vogue Magazine, Luckao, Sheep Inc's CEO who oversaw its meteoric rise to the top, was quoted as saying, "What's the deal with there having not been a sheep-themed alliance since this game's inception? I did my research and I was flabbergasted to find that Cyber Nations was so malnourished..." The philanthropist went on to refute allegations that Sheep Inc. had carried out a systematic campaign to covertly shave sheep of rival companies and monopolize the wool market. For the full interview, stay tuned.
  2. In other news, another post occurred in which Tywin failed to avoid mentioning 'Francoism'. Moving on, here's today's lunch menu: Frashed Potatoes Frajitas Frankofurters
  3. I pictured this interview happening as you both smoked chocolate cigarettes.
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