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  1. We did it, jerdge! 2020, here we come!
  2. It's kinda fascinating, like having Lenin's dead body on display.
  3. Seems to just be a load of fat, lazy anacondas around here.
  4. Don't snakes lie there and do nothing for long periods. Pretty fitting name for a CN alliance.
  5. It's a retiree merry-go-round over at R&R. Oh, and they let WarriorSoul back into his old position as MoFA. No wonder they like retiring.
  6. That's not your pip. Come on.
  7. With regards to people who don't want to fight, some think unwavering loyalty is a requisite for being part of an alliance, but it's true, at least to me, that there are some causes that simply aren't worth burning for.
  8. Or, you're sick and you're just losing muscle mass.
  9. Umbrella's being doing some 'roiding of its own. Overall, NPO, Umbrella, and VE have really impressed.
  10. I can't resist a clap, sorry, Tywin! Ty-win sucks! Ty-win sucks! Ty-win sucks!
  11. Does anyone dispute their motives? SNX showed itself to be weak, they saw an opportunity, and here you all are. Whatever you believe, it's not a crowd that's going to be receptive to a lecture about its supposed wrongdoings, and SNX still needs to get its shit together. Your efforts would be best spent focusing on the latter.
  12. Still relevant. This is awesome. We've had some pretty rubbish alliances holding that top spot for years, doing very little, and then fumbling as they watch it slip away. I used to be bored of how everything seemed to gravitate around them, but this resurgence has shown that they're the alliance we truly need, and they'll make that top spot worth something. "Holla if ya hear me!" - Pacifica
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