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A R&R Announcement


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Let me interrupt the war for a brief moment to announce something unrelated.


Yes that's right, we're old, practically ancient.

Every year there is a debate on which day exactly should be counted as founding day, but at least we can all agree that is was in November 2006 that members of the R&R boards on the American Army's forum decided to invade CN and found the R&R alliance. Sadly all but a handful of the founding members have left this world but even though they are no longer around and the alliance has gone through major changes over the years, we still cling to some of the values they instilled all those years ago.

But enough about the past, another year older and what a year it was. A year of recovery after a period of oppression, a year we broke almost every alliance record we had and broke some nice milestones including:
- 400K tech mark
- 500K tech mark
- 600K tech mark

- 800k infra mark
- 900k infra mark
- 1M infra mark
- 1.1M infra mark
- 1.2M infra mark
- 1.3M infra mark

- 7M NS mark
- 8M NS mark

- 2000 nukes

- 300 members (sadly only very briefly though)

- 29 score
- 30 score
- 31 score
- 32 score
- 33 score
- 34 score
- 35 score

(There, aren't you glad we don't announce every milestone separately :P)

It was also a year in which we dominated in several recruitment competitions and won our second survivor series. A year in which we formed a new bloc and welcomed new friends. A year in which we went from an alliance only sanctioned based on the 200 member rule, to the 4th biggest non neutral alliance in CN.

All in all a good year. But sadly not everything was fun, we said goodbye to not 1 but 2 blocs, several allies and a lot of great members. Closing the year with the current war in which we see close allies and old friends divided over both sides.

Leaves me only to thank all members and allies current and past for the contributions made and good times had. Without all of you we wouldn't be where we are today.

If you want to say hi or join in the celebrations, feel free to visit us:
Forums - www.RnR-Alliance.org
IRC - #RnR

We're old get off our damn lawn.
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R&R I do not recall a time I had reason to dislike you nor, have you ever given me an excuse to rip into you.  And that my friends is a good sign you have been doing things right on Planet Bob for a very long time.  Congrats.  

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o/ R&R


It is truly an honor to call you among my friends, even if you always will like Tsayka more. ;)


P.S. No you still can't have her.


P.P.S. Yes, you are awesome.


P.P.P.S. You may be old, but we're ... oh god we're so fracking old.  We're going to need to start putting glasses all over the Council chambers. :P

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I just want everyone to be clear, I wished them happy birthday first so I win all the interwebs.


oh and o/R&R


May the ampersand always prevail!


Let it be known that the R&R Alliance recognizes Kill's victory.


Happy Birthday R&R!  You are some of the nicest people I have talked to on cyber nations. I wish you all the best especially Warrior Soul   :wub:


Howlin :wub:


If you like warriorsoul, your avatar and name fit you :P


He can't help that he appreciates classy people. :P

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