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One war or Two?


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If this attack was not planned with one of the two coalitions then it is a seperate conflct.  This is not the first time an alliance has tried to take advantage of global conflict to try and score some cheap revenge.  It has never ended well and rarely with the attacking alliance still existing post war.  

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They are obviously two different and related wars... it's very simple!


Way to try and clear things up. And the only real connection in DoWs is Kashmir



Also, any name suggestions on the Kaskus-Shangri-La conflict?

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I think this is a good enough reason of any to consider them one war .. If TOP is giving such input, and Smurf is claiming 'coalition planning' ....

[12:23] <UnknownSmurf> Pulling in GATO would have just been a bonus; not that I have anything against GATO but that is just coalition planning wise. I had no say in the matter, I was just told that by TOP.
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Two wars. I explained that in the Javahouse DoW. Started by different parties - coalitions, even - for different reasons. If they merge, they merge, but just because Kaskus based its timing on TOP/Polar/FARK's DoW doesn't make them the same.

If you read the quote, it's more than just 'timing' ... The logs are implying he was apart of the attack strategy of TOP/Polar/Fark on NSO, that TOP planned on their starting "this separate war" to draw GATO over to it and away from this war ... If they're apart of the planning coalition, than it's one war ....
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