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  1. I see how it is Alexio, just don't mention your best MoFA ever :'( :'( :'(
  2. You know it's been a long time if I've worked on these relations :P o7 Atlas
  3. Give it up Junka. I know from experience, this war you're fighting isn't worth fighting
  4. Gopher, I made the same mistake, it's not a NG-NoR treaty, it's NoR announcing that they are protecting The Prussian Confederation.
  5. Actually, Shangri-La's leader went inactive and they had to make a new AA, from what I understand. I guess they just forgot the hyphen.
  6. Supernova-X should not be taken as the hallmark case for super mergers, I would like you to look at TLR (in it's prime) and NG, both of which formed out of super mergers. There are many many many many reasons why SNX failed as an alliance, a lot of them have to do with how rushed it was, and how it was really just one man's way to get a bigger epeen.
  7. It's all going according to plan.... Wait what?
  8. No matter how you try to spin it, spying is spying.
  9. I hope they call on us, I'm dying to see some warfare.
  10. So does this mean that both Limitless Nexus, LSA, and S7 are all Brown alliances?
  11. The Elders have awoken and made their decision, this is the new GATO government: Assembly Chairman - Greywall Minister of Defense - Mightyspoon Minister of Foreign Affairs - Saxplayer Minister of Domestic Affairs - BarbulaM1 Minister of Finance - Peroman o7 GATO
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