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Democracy Has Failed Us

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30th Congress: October-November


Once again the Inner Party of the glorious International (INT) takes up the banner of INTSOC to completely and totally above the board elect its new representatives to the bourgeois world at large.  Any rumors to the contrary remain completely unfounded and come from persons who in fact never existed.



As a personal aside, I would like to apologize for not doing my duty to step down from General Commissar and run for LiaCom in order to prevent Trotsky from returing to government.  I consider this result a collective failure of God,The Party, and the INTSOC way and expect a suitable Constitutional amendment forthcoming in Congress to prevent him holding anything akin to actual power.





And the results of the musical chairs:



General Commissar: Crownguard


General Secretary: Comrade Craig


Liaision Commissar: Comrade Trotsky


Treasury Commissar: Momentum


Martial Commissar: Soultaker


Membership Commissar: Seixas




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Off topic:

"Veteran of GW1, GW3, UJW, ICP Reform. War, GATO-1V War, Karma War, TOP-CnG War, 
DF-NEW War, PB/DH-NpO/NPO War, Fark-NPO War and some war about a guy called Dave."
^Impressive war history there.
Back on topic:
Good luck with your new government, INT.
We at Foxburo wish you the best.
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