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Oh no.. not another one!

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In the ordinary course of establishing new relationships, NATO and R&R introduced themselves to one another around nine months ago, across a crowded treaty web. Since then, a strong friendship has developed on the basis of mutual trust and common interests. To reflect the nature of the relationship, NATO and R&R wish to announce:


[size="2"][b]Us turning on each other, it's what they want[/b][/size]

[i]Both NATO and R&R will refrain from planning or taking hostile actions against the other party. In the event there is some disagreement, both signatories will commit to resolving any issues in a civil and respectful manner.[/i]

[size="2"][b]It would take only a nudge to make you like me[/b][/size]

[i]The signatories of this treaty are encouraged to cooperate on political or economic matters which may prove mutually beneficial. Both parties consent to sharing relevant military or political information, except in circumstances where there are conflicts of interest due to other treaties.[/i]

[size="2"][b]The same blood runs through both of us[/b][/size]

[i]A declaration of war or hostile act against either signatory will be considered an act of aggression directed towards both NATO and R&R. In such an event, each signatory is required to provide all diplomatic, economic and military assistance requested by the other. Each signatory also has the option, but not the obligation, of joining the other in any offensive military action.[/i]

[size="2"][b]Except you're there and I'm here[/b][/size]

[i]In the event that either NATO or R&R enter a conflict on the behalf of a third party, any military assistance provided by the other signatory is considered optional.[/i]

[size="2"][b]All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain[/b][/size]

[i]This treaty between NATO and R&R may be amended at any time with the agreement of both parties. Either signatory may rescind their commitment to the other under this treaty by providing five days notice to a government member of the other alliance.[/i]


[i]For NATO

[b]Sir Humphrey[/b] - Secretary General
[b]Berbers[/b] - Secretary of Foreign Affairs
[b]Semi the Hard[/b] - Secretary of Defense
[b]Njero[/b] - Secretary of Commerce
[b]muwen1234[/b] - Secretary of Enlistment
[b]Aress[/b] - Chief Justice

For R&R

[b]EgoFreaky[/b] - President
[b]Bambi[/b] - Vice President
[b]Stealthy[/b] - Minister of Foreign Affairs
[b]Archers92[/b] - Minister of Defense
[b]Epic Reaction[/b] - Minister of Interior
[b]SuthrnBoi17[/b] - Minister of Economics
[b]The Membership of R&R[/b][/i]


edit: I hate you stealthy

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I am extremly proud to have my signature on this treaty. R&R are an awesome bunch and I'm glad this is finally posted.

o/ R&R

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We took too long to formalise this - it really has been fantastic getting to know you guys and I'm sure this relationship'll last a long time. :wub:

[i][size="1"]Now, to disregard NATO and acquire [s]SF[/s]/[s]XX[/s]/[s]PB[/s]/[s]C&G[/s]/[s]ex-Heg[/s]/PF[/size][/i] :v:

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[s][size="1"]I have presented this to a team of jerkoffs who do nothing but act like a bunch of tools today and I can not see any benefit for X Y or Z here so I disapprove.[/size][/s]
[size="2"]It's about time we've been reunited. We've stayed apart but never "too," apart ;)[/size]

[size="2"]Solid bunch of allies and a group I am happy to call friend.[/size]

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A picture is literally worth a thousand words :awesome:

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