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  1. If you wanted to attack us, just do it, don't make up this BS and pretend like you're justified in your actions.
  2. Our top tiers would have been out to play if NG had anybody in that NS range.
  3. Almost as good as IRON's!
  4. tl;dr: The North Atlantic Defense Coalition activates the GUARD Treaty and declares war on Non Grata in defense of it's ally TTK. Signed, Dark Wizard, Secretary General and The Assembly of the North Atlantic Defense Coalition EDIT: I don't consider this an oA, I consider this NG didn't have the stones to hit TTK in their quest for Maroon domination. You declare war on Maroon, you declare war on TTK. Fancy how our treaty covers oA's too though!
  5. everybody love everybody. oh and 7 years is OK i guess ;)
  6. Well we all kinda knew R&R had it all along. We aren't going down without a fight though
  7. woot, bet nobody saw us in the semifinals :D
  8. Hey, I mean I don't mind NpO cleaning off the AA :P
  9. Wow, looks like we're the best in almost every category ;) Considering where we were a year ago though I'm happy with these stats.
  10. It's not an upset since we knew we were gunna win ;)
  11. GOONS and NATO with a total of .03 gain. That's a barn burner of a matchup.
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