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  1. I knew that winner wouldnt last but a week (or less) without a nation.
  2. I think that this is broken in t-minus 13 hours
  3. First of all, communism is not a political system, it is an economical system. Dude, it has never been carried out the correct way, it is always carried out with an oppressive dictator, nobody knows what would happen if you had a person that actually cares about the people/ that has checks on his or her powers. I'm not saying "Let's all go commie" but people get the wrong vibe about it for no reason.
  4. PLEASE RETIRE LIKE YOU SAID YOU WOULD. And yes...there is nothing wrong with communism in theory.
  5. No offense, but I am not going to miss the extraneous posting on useless topics.
  6. Obama- 293 Romney- 245 bout to win the dough and the tech
  7. People continue to claim that the game is not dying, which I personally find very funny. How can somebody claim that seeing as we are no barely over 12,000? Last month we had 13,000 easily. This is clearly the lowest we have been since the game was just getting it's footing. The game is clearly not thriving, it is not growing, so how can anybody claim it is not dying? Also, enough talk about how it is the game mechanics, yes the game has little pop, but stop complaining if you don't want to suggest something in the suggest box to make it better. I guess this post is just like all the other ones before, to try and find a way to stimulate interest in the game, because I enjoy the game, and others do to, but at this rate it will not survive past next summer.
  8. i think TFD has 4 active nations. Legacy would whoop them
  9. IAA and their Wonderful Blitz: In an alliance of 51 members and 41 in war mode you managed a very successful blitz, a combined 8 offensive wars from over 40 members. I must say the New Sakura Order must feel safe with you guys protecting them, I would. Even better is that they only have a total of 16 wars o.O Stay in school kids, maybe you will learn how to fight Note: These are my personal thoughts, they do not reflect anything anybody else says.
  10. the problem really lies in the fact that few new players are coming to the game. You will always be losing people even if there is a fix to this, but if the games does not bring in people then there is no fix. That is where admin needs to step in and launch a marketing campaign or something.
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